The SUPREME in Supreme Court

Play SUPREME DECISION on and then complete the following handouts in your Bill of Right packet. Enter our class code to earn 8Y points! Ellsworth37912

Strive for Accuracy and check your answers. The key starts on page 5. The key looks slightly different but it still has the correct responses.

3 thoughts on “The SUPREME in Supreme Court

  1. a man was arrested for man slaughter because a man hit a pregnant lady with his pick up truck and the boyfriend came and puched the man in the face and then the man died.

  2. Hi Matt, This is a great conversation! Why wouldn’t your neighbor’s shirt be protected? Hint: look at the slide on “limits on speech”. Make sure you continue the conversation with your neighbor and explain why it may be unprotected. Thanks for sharing your connection to self! 🙂

  3. Hey Mrs.D, just now on the way from my bus stop, to my house, my neighbor turned to me and said,” I almost got a demerit from Mr.Donnely for wearing this shirt. They made me flip it inside out, so it is appropriate.” I looked at his shirt , and it had a talking cheeseburger on it that said,” Eat Me.” I immediately explained to him (He’s in 7th grade) what we are learning in social studies, about the Bill of Rights. I explained to him about amendment 1, Freedom of Speech, and the Tinker case. I thought that this was a perfect example of him expressing himself with Freedom of Speech, and not being allowed, unconstitutionally (the shirt was not disruptive). I hope this helped people understand Freedom of speech, thanks.

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