5 thoughts on “1 versus The Class

  1. Hi Ms. Digangi!
    I am using this game ” One Versus the Class” as a way to review. I am using this to help me study and it is actually really helpful. The only problem I am having is that you can not check your work because it does not show you the answer. So, I have just been checking my notes to make sure I am correct! Thank you for the great game!

  2. Hi Ms. D! I forgot my study-guide at school, and was wondering if there is a link to the google doc on here for it? I looked, and I couldn’t find it. If not, can you tell me what the questions are for the studyguide page 3 that had to be completed? Thanks

  3. I was doing my homework-study guide page two. There was no amendment number three. Why is there no number three amendment.

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