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  1. Hi Harsh, Thank you for posting your connection! 🙂 First amendment rights are a very controversial topic. What did you think about the billboard? Did you remember any specific lesson from our class that is similar?

  2. There is a commercial in a train station in Washington D.C and it says, “Go to Hell Barrack”. The Metro police were asked to take the advertisement down and they refused because the advertisement is protected under the first Amendment, Freedom of Speech.

  3. Tuskegee airmen were underestimated in World War 2. The movie, “Red Tails” is based on this movie. I watched the movie and it was really upsetting when the whites used racist comments while talking to the African american pilots. The movie also showed that the tuskegee airmen were better than the whites who went for the glory were as the tuskegee airmen actually followed orders and kept in formation.

  4. I found this really cool show that my dad and i was watching, and it reflected on what we scammed though our new books today as in the ice age. It was really cool, because just from scamming i learn much. Even enough to tell my dad as we were watching the show. It was really cool. Thanks Mrs. D for the new books!

  5. Hi Katie,
    The Study Guide directs you to refer to the Supreme in Supreme Court/Decision which is in the Bill of Rights packet. Check the Agenda/HW for the related post with the video game.

  6. Ms D.,
    I’m currently doing the homework and I’m confused. I was absent whenever we discussed these cases. Where can I find more information on these case?

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