3 thoughts on “POV: Columbus

  1. Hi McKenna,
    I L O V E the video clip! This is a great connection to Cortes and Pizzarro! Thank you for sharing and Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations. 🙂

  2. hi miss. Digangi!
    Earlier today i realzied that that were alot of similarities between what were learning about the aztecs and cortez in the movie Pocohantis. I realized the obvious was when the captain and his crew were singing the song about mining gold.This song really makes me realize how greedy they were.Also, in the beginging of the song he actually says… “The gold of Cortes
    The jewels of Pizarro” which is exacly what we are learning about in class right now.

  3. Today in class we were talking about Stephen Hawking and I decided to post this video that is a rap battle between Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.
    Here is the video:

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