StuDY GuiDe aND C Y O A

The Test is scheduled for next Friday, March 9th. The CYOA is also due Friday.
Tips for Success and Understanding:

  • You have 7 days. Make smart choices by breaking the work up into small parts each day.
  • Review Blog Posts from this Unit.   Read the entire blog post and watch video clips embedded in the posts. Use the CATEGORIES widget on RIGHT SIDE BAR to search for all posts on MANY WORLDS MEET. 
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Summarize Pop Culture Connections, add links, post questions and/or comments.  
  • If you don’t understand, ask for clarification.  Post the question here and earn extra credit. 
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Read and respond to questions and/or comments from a peer.  
  • Review chapters from this unit in your textbook.  Focus on the text AND the images. 
  • Discuss what you learned in class with others.  Ask a sister, brother, grandmom, etc. to quiz you.

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20 thoughts on “StuDY GuiDe aND C Y O A

  1. Hi Julia, It’s great to see you are using the blog and Brainpop! 🙂 We hope to see you comment again.

  2. Hey Mrs. D!
    Today I went on brain pop and I watched the video on slavery. I took the quiz and I took it over and over again until I got it all right! Once in a while I will come on the blog and post connections and share pictures and videos!

  3. Here is my CYOA

  4. Hi Ms.D,
    I used brain pop, the videos and Daijas quiz as an affective way to study. I really enjoy the brain pop videos because they are easy to understand! I would definitely recommend Brain pop for anyone who needs clarification on anything we have learned recently (:

  5. Sorry for all of the touble, but I am having a lot of trouble with this quiz. I don’t know if I was suppose to publish the quiz here or somewhere else. I did see the tab that said save but it didn’t say publish anywhere. It did say share or embed it. The quiz I just sent in is not my real quiz. Thanks.

  6. I finished my CYOA yesterday!! I made flashcards on a app on my Kindle. They turned out very well and I study using them daily. I could include pictures or paintings that we had saw in class and then on the other side of the card I wrote the interpretation. They really work well, and I am going to start using this app more for other classes!

  7. Hi Daija,
    Yes. When you are working on the Quiz look for the tab on the right labeled, “Save and Publish.” You can always go back and edit your quiz later. 🙂

  8. Hi Mrs. DiGangi, I have another question about the quiz revolution. Is there any way I can save the quiz and come back to it another day instead of creating the quiz in one day? Thank You.

  9. Hi Mrs. Digangi!
    I have a quick question. What is the password for the “Make It Stick” CYOA? Please message me back soon because I would love to get this task started as soon as possible. Thank you.

  10. Hi Haley,
    I checked your CYOA and edited the quiz name. It is the same name as your Study Guide/Test. Reread the directions on the CYOA section of your study guide and if you have any additional clarification see me tomorrow. 🙂

  11. Hi Hailey, It’s located under God, Glory and Gold. View the slideshow and draw an outline map of Africa on the last page of your packet. Create a key – desert, savanna, and rainforest. Then view the 3 Brainpop videos – click on the pictures of Tim and Moby to watch the clips. Stop the brainpop videos to shade in your map focusing on the 3 geographic regions.

  12. Hi Mrs. D,
    On the study guide, it says for Africa Cloze the Gaps that we need to “describe and locate (map) the geographic features of Africa: desert, savanna, rainforest.” I think that I was absent the day you did the Africa maps in class (maybe two weeks ago). Where can i find the map on the blog? I can’t find what post it might be in.

  13. Hi Mrs. D! i thought class was really fun today because Mr. Hoffman came in and talked about our pictures. This post really helped me because it showed me how to space out my week so that i can study a different way each time! 🙂

  14. Hi Ms. D! I’m working on the Quiz Revolution, and I’m not sure if I have to use all four answer slots, because right now I’m only using two. Also, I wasn’t sure what to name the quiz. How many questions should there be, and do we have to answer everything on the study guide? Are we supposed to use media like videos and pictures? If so, what is the minimum/maximum? (If there is any.) Sorry if I’m being too wordy-it’s Friday! Thanks for the help!:)

  15. Hi Anthony,
    That is part of our Technology Plan as a district but no date has been set. They would be used for educational purposes ONLY. Many schools already allow mobiles/smart devices for school purposes. I don’t think you can expect it this year… but you may be able to bring your mobiles to High School. Look into the high school’s policy on mobiles. Don’t forget…You can ALWAYS use our Class iPads. 🙂

  16. Hey Mrs. Digangi

    After our disscusion today in class about having our mobile devices being able to come in, I was very excited! Will we ever be able to bring them in? That would be awesome!!! Message me back soon! 🙂

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