6 thoughts on “LAs CAsAs CArEs, SEpULvEdA DOEsN’T

  1. Hi MS.D,
    I found this video a great way to review. I thought it was a great way to review because you could see it from someone else’s P.O.V. This video was very helpful for me!

  2. Hi Daija,
    It is wonderful that you shared what you are learning with your younger brother. He seems very intelligent. Did Ain’t No Reason by Brett Dennen help you understand Las Casas’ epiphany? Thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  3. Hi Ant,
    Thank you! Did Mr. Z brag about what he did for his blog’s birthday? 😀 What do you think we should do as a class to celebrate? Why did you think this CYOA was more challenging? What did you like about 1 vs. The Class?

  4. Hey Mrs. Digangi,
    It’s two day until the blogs anniversary!!! 🙂 I hope we could do something fun in class for this 2 year anniversary. Anyway I thought the CYOA was hard this time, but that review game ” 1 vs The Class ” was very helpful. I am pumped up for this test tomorrow too! Also happy 2nd birthday blog! You made the blog on March 10, 2010 and now after 2 years we have 11,565 visitors. Thats awesome! Write back please.

    From, Anthony D period

  5. I enjoyed the music video we watched in class the other day. I loved how they sent out many positive messages out to others in one video. I was able to show my younger brother the music video. He told me he liked it because it taught people not to look the other way when someone’s in trouble. He mentioned to help because we are all the same “species.”

  6. I really liked todays 1 versus the class game. It helped me review more for the test, and get more familar with the topics. It also told me what i should study more for when I got certain questions wrong. Overall, I love this game to review in class before a test!

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