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  1. i found a very interesting poem yesterday and i think it would interest you.
    Slaveships by lucille clifton

    loaded like spoons
    into the belly of Jesus
    where we lay for weeks for months
    in the sweat and stink of our own
    why do you not protect us
    chained to the heart of the Angel
    where the prayers we never tell
    are hot and red as our bloody ankles
    can these be men
    who vomit us out from ships
    called Jesus Angel Grace of God
    onto a heathen country
    ever again
    can this tongue speak
    can this bone walk
    Grace of God
    can this sin live

  2. Hi Julie, Thank you for sharing your text to text connection. What genre is Sold? Would you recommend the book to your peers? What made you choose to read the book? Thank you for adding supporting details from the book! It made me want to read the book. 🙂

  3. Hi Ms. D,
    I wanted to post a connection about our class unit on Slavery and a book called Sold. In this book a young girl named Lakshimi who lives is Nepal, India is sold to work off her family’s debt. Her father sold her. This relates to human trafficking because she was forced to work like slaves were forced to. Another similarity was that they were beaten if they didnt complete their work.

  4. Hi Michael,
    It is wonderful to read your heartfelt summaries on our slavery lessons. Adding a quote from Olaudah Equiano also helps readers to understand your Point of View. What do you think kids your age can do to help? Check out unicef.org for more information. Your comments also demonstrate a commitment to follow the guidelines for digital etiquette. Well done, Michael! 🙂

  5. Hi Mattie,
    Thank you for your text to text connection! It us wonderful to see that you Strive for Accuracy and followed digital etiquette. 🙂 It sounds like you are enjoying Hunger Games. Would you recommend it to others? I look forward to reading the series and looking for the similarities to Olaudah Equiano’s experience as a slave.

  6. I made a connection of slavery & The Hunger Games book series. Olaudah Equiano said that being a slave changed him dramatically, as did Katniss in the books. Being in the games changed Katniss and made her not trust anymore, same as Olaudah. Also, the slaves were forced to do what their masters told them. The citizens of Panem in the Hunger Games were forced to fight till death. They also both target a certain group. We also briefly discussed today that if a slave rebelled, he would be killed and used as an example for other slaves. In the books, if a tribute rebelled, terrible things would occur, warning the others not to rebel. These two are similar.

  7. Hi Ms D
    I was studying for the quiz tomorrow, and I was looking over Olaudah Equiano’s eyewitness account. At one point he said “I was now persuaded that I had got into a world of bad spirits, and that they were going to kill me”. I was just thinking how terrifying it would be to be in his situation. He also said that two other slaves preferred death over a life of such misery. I cannot believe that somebody would choose to die because of how they are treated.

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