MoNkey oR WoLF?

The polls closed before some students were able to vote for our Virtual Class Pet.  I included their votes and the results are too close to call.  A period suggested we have a final Smackdown.  Meet the Monkey and the Wolf.

6 thoughts on “MoNkey oR WoLF?

  1. Hi Liv,
    If you would like to share study strategies that work well for you, please post them on the blog for extra credit. They might be helpful to your fellow classmates.

  2. Hey Ms.D. I was wondering if the grades for the test will be up over spring break? I hadnt gotten a chance to look. I had my mom help me quite a bit and studied relentlessly. I really hope I did well. I am using your study tools, paying extreme
    Attention in class and askig for help if I feel compelled to. I am really hoping to succeed. 😃

  3. Hi Eva, 🙂 I added a poll but had to delete it because it had a bad script and created problems with the page. I will attempt to add it again so we can have a final vote. 😀

  4. I like the wolf a lot, but the monkey is so cute! It truly is a tough call. I think we should have the monkey as our class pet though because it’s adorable.

  5. So i just got finished making corn bread for tomorrow, and when i was done i only had mad eighteen. So the other five are bluebery if thats okay.! See you tomorrow.

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