From Colonies to Country

We began our comparison of present and historical contexts of freedom of the press. Please view the slideshow and the videos that follow. This lesson also uses Chester the Crab’s history based comix on John Peter Zenger.
Click on the CHESTER COMIX below to complete p.1 of the “From Colonies to Country” Packet.
What were Zenger’s Zingers?
Why was Zenger put on trial?


After making connections between Zenger and modern day journalists we started our analysis of Franklin’s Albany Plan of Union. Students analyzed Franklin’s, “Join or Die” political cartoon and discussed the vulnerability of the colonies as war with France commenced. Use the handouts and comix below to Strive For Accuracy. CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE DOC!!!

Most classes finished up to slide 5:

Check the Agenda/HW tab for HW assigned.
Use the FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR Interactive Slideshow above to complete up to slide 8 in your packet (finish p. 3-4)

1. Preview the BRAINPOP COMPARE/CONTRAST handout on p. 6 and the BRAINPOP QUIZ on p. 7. – This is your PURPOSE for VIEWING.
2. Watch the BrainPop video, FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR, and complete both handouts.
-Strive for accuracy and use the Closed Captioning.
Click on the Image to view the video.




Students started the Study Guide, worked with partners and conferenced with the teachers.

Students previewed the CAUSES AND EFFECTS Graphic Organizer for the BrainPop video, “Causes of the American Revolution.” They worked with partners at their own pace to view and complete the Graphic Organizer using their iPads. Following the video they used the BrainPop APP to take the review quiz. Most students scored a 9/10 or 10/10! HUZZAH to those who earned extra credit!.

To gain additional background knowledge, students used the iBooks App on their iPads to read Chester Comix, “Who Paid for the French and Indian War?” They followed the reading with a “Close the Gaps” reading with the same title. The whole class reviewed responses and many students participated.
Students also started the Interactive Slideshow and completed Close the Gaps, “How Did Colonists Resist Injustice?” We played pictionary to review the major people, places events and key terms.

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  1. Hi Ms. Digangi,

    I’m just following up about the study guide. I would just like to know where you posted it, if you already have.

    Thank you!

  2. Today in social studies class i rememberd a quote that was about the British empire. The quote was “the Sun never sets on the British empire.” And i figured out what it means. It means that since the British own so much land that the Sun will never set on all of the land that they own. This relates to our SS class because we are learning about the British and them gaining land in the French and Indian war.

  3. My post deosnt relate to what we are doing now but when i saw this video i made a connection to something that we had done in the past. Watch from 2:07 to 2:31 on this clip This clip reminds me of the Family Guy video we watched about how you needed to know history to get it. In this video you needed to know that John Wilksbooth killed Abraham Lincoln to get the joke.

  4. Hi Cole,
    I will give you the slides tomorrow. I will also add the direct link to the google docs tonight or tomorrow morning. For now, complete the crab walk and I will see you tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Hi Ms. D, I was absent yesterday and I’m supposed to finish the first four slides of The French and Indian War slideshow. However, both my sister’s I Pad and my computer won’t open the online slideshow. So, I don’t know what to do?

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