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  1. why does history matter?

    History matters because our world would be nothing like it if we did not have history. Our lives would not be the same without history. No freedom of speech would not be allowed. There would be no past, only be living from moment to moment in life. History is so important to everyone and every second in history!

  2. History matters. We can learn from the past to help us today. We have the ability to not make some of the mistakes previously made. History can help me be a better me and it’s all about learning from the past by observing it closely.

  3. I should use the blog for some things this year. One thing I should use it for this year is to look over concepts that we covered in class. ALso when I’m absent I could check what I missed. That is what I think I should use the blog for this year.

  4. History matters because in order not to make the same mistakes in the future we have to learn from the past. History is important because it tells us how to take extra precautions in the future. History also matters because it tells us how to do things better.

  5. We need to know history so we do not make the same mistakes that others have in the past. Without knowing the past we will not know what to do in the future. Knowing history will help us to make future decisions.

  6. History matters because if we didn’t have history, we wouldn’t really have anything to learn about. For example, history is like the presidents, the middle ages, cavemen, etc. So if we didn’t have history, there wouldn’t be a point of having social studies class and we wouldn’t know about things like who invented the lightbulb, who Albert Einstein is, etc.

  7. History matters because it tells us everything about our past. It matters because if we didn’t know our history then our people would probably make the same mistakes as we did in the past. Our history helps us have a better future.

  8. History is very important. Without history we would not be able to learn from our past or mistakes to plan for the future. For example if we did not make the versallies (capital V) contract to prevent the Germans from attacking Europe again, they might have had a head start on starting WWII and they might have conquered more of Europe, but we learned from our experiences in the past during WWI.

  9. History matters in many ways. For one reason, history let’s us learn about our past. If there is ever anything we do not remember then history is there to help us. Also, we learn from the past in many ways. For example, if you fail in one thing then you can learn from it and try again with your past knowledge. History is there for us to sometimes make mistakes then not do it again. We learn from the past and this is why history matters.

  10. History matters because it helps us learn about the future and the present time. The wars help us learn about present wars. Thanks Ms D can’t wait to learn more! Cowabunga (Ms. D note: Strive for Accuracy and check your spelling and punctuation before posting. Don’t forget to post your class period.)

  11. History matters because we need to learn from the past to prepare for the future. For example, we don’t want anymore mass murders like the holocaust. We can learn to except people for who they are by learning about them through history. We as one can do many things good to the world if we know the past.

  12. Dear Ms. D
    History matters because we have made a lot of mistakes in our history. It is important to learn from those mistakes,and not follow in our ancestors footsteps. We do not want to make the same mistake twice because it could harm ourselves as well as our peers.

  13. History matters because it teaches people to learn from what has happened in the past. It teaches people to not make mistakes other already made. It also helps us to invent new things than we did in the past so it will better our society in the future and present.

  14. Hey Ms D,
    History matters for many reasons. It helps us learn from the pasts and so next time we can fix our mistakes. For example, if we do bad on a test we can always fix it by learning from a mistake. That is why history matters in our society.

  15. History matters because we need it to learn from our past so we don’t make the same mistakes our ancestors did.Another reason history matters is because it teaches us about how our world has changed and who helped shape our country.Without history we would have no lessons to learn from and no people to guide us.

  16. History matters because we need to know what happened in the past so that we don’t make the same mistakes as they did before. It also is important so that we know where we came from and why are the way we are today. People from one million years ago aren’t around to tell us what happened so that is why it’s called history and without it we would be making the same mistakes as they did before.

  17. History matters because we must be aware of the past in order to learn from it. By knowing about history, we can grow from the mistakes other people have made so we are sure not to repeat them. It is so beneficial to learn from the mistakes of other people rather then to have to make then yourself and suffer the consequences. (Ms. D note: Great point! 🙂 ) Our history is a part of our identity and who we are, and it is important we are aware of it. This is why history matters.

  18. History matters because it is very important to know how our life’s came to be this way. Experiences from the past help us learn what we need to improve on in the future. If we don’t know the history of our country then we wouldn’t have an idea of how everything started.

  19. History matters because people need to learn from their past in order to progress in the future. Learning from our mistakes makes us wiser and more awake to what is going on around us. History matters because we don’t want to make mistakes that we did in the past. We also need to learn about the people before us and how they lived, and how it was different than how we live today.

  20. History matters because it teaches us about things that have happened in the past. It also shows us tragaties like the Holaucast, so that it doesn’t happen again. History also helps us to plan for the future.(Ms. D note: Strive for Accuracy and check your spelling before posting.)

  21. History matters for a few reasons. One reason history matters is to learn from our mistakes so we don’t make it again. Also so we could use previous knowledge to to similar situations in the present. Ms. D note: Follow blogging guidelines and only post your first name. I deleted your last initial.)

  22. Think history matters a lot. Without history we wouldn’t know know how things used to work. For example the wheel has been around along time and without history we wouldn’t have it today which is very important.

  23. History matters because we should know where we were founded. We need to know. (Ms. D note: Follow Blogging Guidelines and only use your first name. I deleted your last name. Also, don’t forget to add your class period.)

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