Adopt a Virtual Pet and Celebrate 15,000 Global Guests!

Mr. Z and his classes started the school year by adopting a virtual pet for their blog, a panda. Visit Mr. Z’s 8th grade Math blog to meet their virtual pet by CLICKING HERE. Don’t forget to feed him and if you post a comment following digital citizenship guidelines you will earn extra credit points. Take our Class Poll Below.

Over the past 2 years- 4 8th grade classes (approximately 550 students) and close to 15,000 global visitors navigated our blog to post pop culture connections, review lessons, watch videos, and leave comments.Thank you global guests, students and staff for sharing your learning on our blog. We are proud to be part of the Edublogs community.

Please post a comment answering ONE or more of the following questions/prompt.

1. If our Virtual Pet could speak, how should he/she introduce our blog to guests?
2. How do you plan to use the class blog this year?
3. What do you like about the class blog? What would you like to see/add to the blog?

140 thoughts on “Adopt a Virtual Pet and Celebrate 15,000 Global Guests!

  1. I think u should Download the app called flow. It is a mind game and you have to connect dots to make a pattern. There are many levels and many games. It is free and available in the app store. Flow can help us concentrate because it tests your concentration and your patience. This game is every fun, addicting, and makes you think and concentrate.

  2. 2. i plan to use this class blog a lot this year. I leave things in school a lot, so in case i forget any of my Social Studies papers I can use the LiveBinder to get them. Also, if i were ever sick, i would use the blog to get any work/notes that i missed during class. The blog will be very helpful to me throughout the year.

  3. Hooray koala will be our virtual pet. It was one of my three choices or our ritual pet. The others wher panda and pig

  4. Dear Class,
    Vote for the Koala!! A koala woutld be an awesome class pet! Go koala go!

  5. I think the virtual pet should be a Panda.I think it should be a monkey because they are cute ad indangered. They re very cute animals and I think they will help the class succeed that I why I think we should choose a panda.

  6. Dear Ms.D,
    This year I will use the blog for many reasons. One of them would be so I can catch up on my work if I was absent. It will really help me so I dont fall behind, it will keep me prepared. I will also use the blog so I can study if I am not doing well in class. Another reason why I will use the blog this year is so I can do better in class and get better grades. Lastly I will use the blog for extra credit. If I need the extra points I can go on the blog and post a comment to receive the points. That is why I will use the class blog this year.

  7. I’m here answering the question, if we had a virtual pet, how should it greet our guests? Our virtual pet should greet our guests kindly and give them simple directions to diffrent parts of the blog. Also depending on what animal it is, it should have the sound it makes incorperated into its dialogue.

  8. I plan to use the blog this year to get additional information from posts and live binders. It will help me with studying and homework assignments. It can also help me with things I would miss if I may be absent.

  9. this year i plan on using the blog if i forget my home work in my locker. also if i was absent i would use the blog to get my home work. and if i missed any notes that i needed i could go on the blog to get them.

  10. I plan to use the class blog in many different ways this year. I will use it to study, check for homework/classwork when I’m absent, and to get a head start on learning about some things that we have yet to go over in class. For example, the Live Binder shows what we will cover in that unit so I can look through it to get ahead. In conclusion, I plan to use that class blog often this year and take advantage of the fact that we have it.

  11. The blog can be used for all differnt types of ways. To remember what we had for homework, we could check on the blog to find out what we have to do. Also, if we forgot our folder at school we could go on the blog to print out the papers we nee to study or use for homeowrk. I also could take notes if I missed any. The blog will be helpful.

  12. Dear Ms. D,
    I plan on using the class blog a myriad of times this year. I will use the blog to check up on my homework and/or classwork I have missed if I either forget it at school or I was absent. I also plan to get active with the blog so not only can I get my questions answered by posting a comment, but I can look at everyone elses comments and questions and learn from them. I also plan to go on the BrainPop links; just in case I need to look at it once more or I just need more studying with something. I remember back a few years ago, in elementary school, we didn’t have this kind of stuff. So one time, when I was absent, I was so far behind everybody that when I got back to class, we had started a whole new unit! With the blog, I won’t have to worry about that, becuase I will be able to keep up to date with what is going on in our class.

  13. I plan on using the blog many times this year. I will use it if I need to check out the homework if I forget my agenda book. I also plan to use the blog to study. Since we have the ability to use the live binder, I can check out all of the old work we did earlier in the unit. I hope with help of the blog and Ms. D, I can make this a great year in Social Studies

  14. I plan on using the blog for homework. By this I mean if I forget it and/or if I am absent. But I also plan to use it if I have any questions. I look forward to using the blog because it is a new experience for our education.

  15. Dear Ms. D

    I plan to use our class blog in many ways. When I am absent I will use the blog to check out any missed assignments. Also if I forget to write down my homework I will use the blog to check out our homework for that night. I will use the blog for extra credit opportunities. Lastly I will use the blog incase I didn’t understand a lesson in class and need to get caught up.

  16. The thing I like most about our class blog is that it has a widget for agenda and homework. This helps me a lot when i am absent to find out the make up work. The thing that I would like to see added to the blog is a widget that shows the future dates of quizzes and tests not just make up work. This would help me to know when to study.

  17. Ms.D!
    If our virtual pet could speak, I would have it say cute little puns that have to do with what we are doing in class at that point! That, or say a fun fact that has to do with our lesson at the moment. This could maybe encourage us to find even more interesting things or not feel so down in the dumps about homework and classwork. I know I feel better about assignments when I learn something really interesting or fun! I also think this could catch the attentions of guests that come to our website. It would catch their attention and encourage them to read more. I REALLY think you should do this idea, it would add to the cheerfulness of the blog!

  18. I plan to use the blog all year long. i can use the blog to find homework that I have forgotten. When I’m absent I could do the homework that I missed. I can use it to study notes from class. I like the blog because it was oraganized and is easy to find things i need.

  19. dear mrs.D,
    I plan to use this blog very much this year. I plan to use it to find my homework of the night because I usually forget it in my locker. I also plan to use this blog to get homework for when I am absent and to be prepared for class the next day.

  20. This year i plan on using the blog many times and for many reasons. One reason is that if or whenever i am absent, i can come on the blog and see what we did in class that day so i can be all caught up when i come back to school. To add on, i will also use the blog whenever i dont understand anyhting or if i need a question clarified from ms D on a project, or for any work that i did not do. It would make it much more clear if i asked her a question. Finally, i will use the blog whenever i need to know when a test or quiz is coming up so i can prepare for it and know when to study. This year i plan on using the blog a ton of times.

  21. Dear Ms.D
    I plan on using the blog many ways this year when I need it. I will use it if I forget to write my HW in my agenda book. Also I will use the blog when I’m absent and need to catch up on work to hand in at school. I hope to always have time to do Extra Credit to do even better in SS.

  22. I plan on using the blog in many ways this year. If I am ever absent then I would find my work to do for that night. I would also use the blog to find answers for my questions. If I am ever confused about anything then I would come here. What I like about the class blog is that it is organized. You do not have to spend an hour to find one thing. It is all there in one spot. This is what I like about the blog. Finally, if the virtual pet could speak then it should welcome everyone onto the conch. This is what I think about the blog and the virtual pet.

  23. I plan on using this blog many times throughout the year. For example, I would use this blog if/when I need to catch up on work if i’m absent and if I just need to refresh my memory on what we will learned throughout the year. I would also use the blog to check the homework if I left my agenda book in my locker and to print out copies if necessary.

  24. This year, I plan to use the class blog a lot. I can use it to know what homework I have to make up if I’m absent. I can also use the blog if I have a question about the homework. I could post a comment and ask my question so I will understand and complete my homework. On the blog, I could also watch videos that will help me understand what we’re learning better. I think by adding more videos of todays tv shows/movies having to do with history, we will have more fun in Social Studies and want to learn even more!

  25. Dear Ms. D
    If our virtual pet could take when you got to the blog it would say “Welcome to our blog.” And out pet should be a monkey because thats what i voted for. Mokeys are awesome. Plus i think other guest who visit this cite would enjoy seeing a monkey.

  26. Dear Ms.D
    I plan on using the blog this year to help me when im absent. I will use it to help me get homework I missed. Also to get notes and handouts I missed.

  27. I plan on using the class blog for getting my work. If I am absent for a day I can easily find the work that I missed and complete it. Also if I were to forget my homework at school there would still be an aternate way for me to get the homework and do it so I wouldn’t have to turn it in a day late. I think that the blog is going to be a resource that will help me obtain all of the work that I need to.

  28. Sorry my last post was not up to the regulations. What i meant to say was that i will use the blog to post comments on things we learn in class. Also i will use the blog to check home work so i can keep my grade a good one in case i forget to write it down. Finally i think our class pet should be a koala since they sleep all day and move slow so we would know he couldnt run away. Also it is a very non vicious animal that will not harm anyone.

  29. Here’s the “Why History Matters” classwork.History to me is a very important thing.I believe that we should look back at the good,and bad times of the earth’s history.I believe this because in order for us to have a better more brighter future,we should learn the wonderful and tragic times in history.

  30. I plan to use the blog this year if i forget my homework. Also i would use it if i forgot what we did in class or forgot to bring home my folder. Finally, i will us the blog if I’m absent and need to do catch up work.

  31. i willuse the blog to post comments for homework and to comment on things in class. i will also use the whole website tyo see things like the brainpop videos and see my homework and even the live binder.

  32. This is for my homework.I think the virtual pet that should be chosen is the kola.I think this because kola’s are very calm,like me.

  33. I like the class blog a lot. I think that it is a great way too keep yourself organized & to always keep up with what were doing in class. I sometimes forget my books in school and I don’t want to be unprepared, so with the virtual binders I don’t have to worry about that because I can get my homework & print it out from the blog. Also if I am absent I can get my work right off of the virtual binders so that I can keep up with what I missed for the day or days that I was absent. Thankyou for making the class blog to help me out in school!

  34. I plan on using this website a quite of a few times. I will definetly need this if I’m absent one day and I need to do my homework. I can also use it check on the knew posts and maybe comment my thoughts on them. I can also get good information for social studies and other cool information on this web page. This website is really useful and I love it!

  35. I think that it would be cool to put all the videos we do up on the blog. It would be fun to watch kids from other classes do the videos we did.

  36. I think that I will use this blog a lot this year. This blog can be so helpful when I forget my homework. I could also use this blog to study for up coming tests and quizzes. This is also good for when I am absent and need to do the homework that was given when I wasn’t here. This blog will be really helpful all year round. I also like the organization of the blog, it makes it so easy to find whatever i need.

  37. I think this blog will be a lot of help to all students. The blog can help anyone who is absent to check what they have missed during class and what is for homework. The Conch will provide notes for any tests or quizzes, which will be tons of help.

  38. If our virtual pet coul speak, it should say hi,feed me please. It would be cool to have it say that because people would actually feed it. This year,I plan to use the blog to see what I missed in class a day I was absent, to get my homework done. It will be a lot easier now that we have a website that can tell us what we missed that day in social studies.I like that the blog is available for the whole world to see. i don’t think that anything on the Conch should be changed.

  39. I plan on using the class blog in a variety of ways from checking my homework, to understanding the material better and to help review for a quiz/test. The blog I think would be most helpful if I forgot a homework assignment, then I can just come back here and there it is! Also if I don’t really understand something we learn in class or miss something, I can just come back here and see what I missed. And finally if I am studying for a quiz/test, this would be a great to use while reviewing. And that’s how I would use the blog this year:)

  40. Dear Ms.D
    I will use this blog very often. I think it is a great idea. I can get my homework that i missed and not have to worry about stranger danger. This is very important because creepers are out there. Thank you Ms.D for helping me to succed this year.

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