Foundations of Government

Can citizens expect RIGHTS without assuming RESPONSIBILITIES?

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We began our study of the RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES

Students made connections to modern day scenarios and explored similarities and differences between historical, fictitious, and present day MODELS OF CIVIC VIRTUE. One of the popular activities included:

  • Venn Diagram comparing SIMBA from The Lion King with CINCINNATUS from the Roman Republic
  • Today in class we discussed symbolism in the Lion King and how it relates to government. We compared Simba’s change of heart to return to pride rock to fight Scar with Cincinnatus’ decision to lead Rome against invaders. When students realized that Mufasa’s ghost represented Simba’s conscience Mike from E period replied, “Ah, SIMBAlism!” Clever, Mike! We loved it! 😀

    12 thoughts on “Foundations of Government

    1. Dear Ms.D,
      This is another solid reason of why people should take responsibility with their rights.I know the second amendment says people have the right to bear arms but last night the Sixers lost to the Bulls by 7. After the game there was a shooting on the Market-Frankford El between a Bulls and a Sixers fan.There was a fight between a Sixers fan and a Bulls fan, the fight eventually got to the point where the Sixers fan shot the Bulls fan. There was also another person shot,he got shot while trying to stop the fight. Both guys are in the hospital and expected to survive.
      I love basketball but I wouldn’t kill someone over it. We all have different opinions on who we like. They should’ve shown civic virtue and put their differences aside for the common good. The fight and shooting was not good for the common good nor the NBA and makes fans feel unsafe at sporting events. Thank you for reading this comment.

    2. Dear Mrs. D
      History matters because we can learn from the past. By knowing mistakes once made we can prevent the same mistakes from happening today. Also, ideas, inventions, theories, etc. from the past can be taken and made better. On another note I was wondering if I could borrow the book Divergent from you, I have been interested in reading it for awhile.

    3. In the Mario video games Mario shows civic virtue. This is because Mario gives up much of his time and risks his life a lot to save Princess Peach from Browser

    4. Hi Kylie,

      Your connections to the Avengers and working for the common good is spot on! The Hulk is my favorite and I agree that he is a model fo civic virtue based on the sacrifices he made for the common good just like Simba and Cincinnatus. 🙂

      Hi Tommy,
      I watched the Daily Show episode with the 2 veterans. Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂 Copy and paste a link into a comment from comedy central to share with others.

    5. In the Avengers movie all of the superheroes were working towards the common good of the people. They demonstrated civic virtue because the heroes didn’t get along very well and didn’t want to work with each other but they set aside their differences to save the planet from aliens. The Hulk especially was an example of civic virtue because he gave up his home and his peace of mind so he could help.

    6. Dear Ms.D, I believe you can,t have rights without responsibiliy.If you have pleasure but not work, you will have no reason to care about others. If you text and drive at the same time and you don’t have a responsibility to watch out for others, many will die because of that one action.

    7. Dear Mrs.D,
      I actually think that it would be better during a TIME OF RULES AND LAWS. I think during a TIME OF RULES AND LAWS it would give everyone a better chance to participate in their government. We can help other kids our age to become more responsible by setting an example. Show them how to act if they don’t act right. Kids just sit back and watch when they can change the world, just by something so simple, be responsible. I am going to change this world. If I can anyone can. We the kids in this world can set up a charity, a club, a team, anything to help the world. Adults can’t do everything, kids can’t do everything either, but us as one can do unthinkable things. Thank you Mrs.D.

    8. Hi Michael,
      You are clearly applying past knowledge to new situations. 🙂 Do you think the world would be better or worse if it was a state of nature? How could someone your age help others to be responsible? Thank you for your post!

    9. Dear Mrs.D,
      I was searching the web for homework and I realized that there is alot of bad stuff in the world right now such as: Death,arrests,storms,and bullying. Wheres the responsibility?Wheres the good in the world? There is murder every hour. This needs to stop? People are killing and bullying because they are irresponsible and have nothing to do. We are lucky to even have rights and a democracy, some countrys are starving and at war and we are here abusing our rights that we were given. Unbelieveable. The people who are irresponsible, or abuse rights shouldn’t have rights. I think president Obama/Romney need to make stricter laws against murder and war because the current laws haven;t been working , what does that mean? Change. I love this country and this world, but there is far too many crazy people in this world. Thank Mrs.D.

    10. Dear Mrs.D
      I was just saying to help other students I did my homework off of Time for kids. I had to glue my picture on the back though.

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