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Despite the effects of Hurricane Sandy, students enthusiastically engaged in Presidential Election Activities.  Check out our Virtual Binder below:



What were the results of yesterday’s presidential election?

Did anything about the outcome surprise you? Explain.

Did you make any predictions about the presidential election? If so, were you right?

Which party won the most seats in the House of Representatives? Which party won the most in the Senate?

Why is control of each of these chambers of Congress important?

What does the term “balance of power” mean?


11 thoughts on “VoTe 2012

  1. The Republican Party had more seats in The House of Representatives with 242 seats. The Democratic Party has more seats in the Senate with 55 seats.

  2. Hi Taylor,
    Thank you for your response! It followed blogging guidelines which always makes me happy. 😀

  3. The Republican Party has more seats in The House of Representatives. The Democratic Party has more seats in the Senate. In The House of Representative the Republicans have 242 seats and in the Senate the Democrats have 55 seats. The result of this election was that Barack Obama won and will receive 4 more years as our President. I was not surprised that Obama won because I thought many people were on his side. Balance of power means that no one has more or less power then the other and that everyone maintains equal power. The control of each of these chambers of Congress is important because which ever party has the power gets more say in what happens then the other. As an example, since there are more Democrats in the Senate it means the Democrats get their way in the decisions of the Senate. My prediction about the election was that it was going to be a close race. Many people wanted Mitt Romney and many people wanted Barack Obama and it was a very close race right untill the end.

  4. Hi Ashley,
    Thank you for posting your pop culture connection. 30 Rock is a very funny show. You persuaded me to find and watch that episode. It also demonstrates how satire is used as social commentary. Which one of the characters from the show mentioned that most writers were liberals? I enjoyed reading your comment and look forward to more from you. 🙂

  5. Hi Bryce,
    Thank you for your well written response! 🙂 Did you use any lessons from class when you were watching the election?

  6. The results of the presidential election was President Barack Obama won. I was not surprised that he won because I knew of so many people that were on his side. I made a prediction that Barack Obama would win, and I was right. The party that won the most seats in the House of Representatives was the republicans with 242 seats. Lastly the Democrats won the most seats for the senate with 53.

  7. Barack Obama won the presidential election again. I am not surprised by this outcome because I know a lot of people who support Obama. Balance of power means Democrats and Republicans have equal power.(Ms.D note: Balance of power does not refer to political parties. Check out the video in the post and let us know if you find the answer. Thank you for responding. 🙂

  8. I have a pop culture connection to this election. 30 Rock had a recent episode called “There’s No I in America” (which I can’t seem to find an excerpt of on youtube). In this episode, Jack and Liz debate over who Jenna, a celebrity in the show, will tell her followers to vote for. Jenna’s fans are from Florida, and, in the episode, Florida’s electoral college vote decide who wins. I know from this election, Florida was a state that they weren’t sure who the votes were for. Also, I thought it was interesting that from watching the show, I believe viewers are more likely to side with who Liz wants for president, Obama, because she is a more relatable and down to earth character. I was thinking that since writers are often liberals, that Obama could be who the writers wanted viewers to vote for, and that’s why they made Liz want her as opposed to a character that viewers weren’t as likely to side with.

  9. yes. i was suprised by the outcome of who won the election. i thought Mitt Romney would win. since Obama won i was suprised

  10. I predicted that Barack Obama was going to win. I thought he wa going to win because when I went on all of my social networking sites i always saw #TeamObama or #VoteObama. It turns out my prediction was correct.

  11. Obama won the election with 303 electoral votes. Florida is still up in the air. I was not surprised by the election results. I predicted that Obama would win in a close race. In the House of Representatives the Republicans won the most seats…242 seats. in the Senate the Democrats won the most seats…55 seats. Whichever party controls the Senate or House has all of the power in that part of government. Balance of power means that no one part of the government has too much power or control.

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