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  1. Hi Nicole,

    It’s great to hear that you were very diligent catching up on your work. Projects won’t be due until after we return from break and it is an in class project so I can conference with everyone. You can start yours tomorrow and work on an alternative project independently. It is very similar. We can talk tomorrow.

  2. Hi Ms. DiGangi. I’m still sick and I won’t return to school until Thursday, but I was on the Constitution livebinder trying to catch up on homework when I noticed the project “The Constitution in Plain English.” When I return, will this project be due? If so, how can I complete the project without a group?

  3. Dear Ms.D,
    I just watched the 2011 project example. I got a lot of ideas from that video. I like how they spelled out yes and the wedding ceremony, that was cool. I was wondering since our class is doing insure domestic tranquility can I bring in my hippie costume to represent peace? Thanks for posting that video and I reccomend that other students watch it if they are stuck on their project. Thanks Ms.D.

  4. Hey Mrs. D!
    I wanted to show my little brother the “too late to apologize-a declaration” video, because we both are really into music. After I showed him the video I saw the link to their second video and I clicked on it. It was a parody to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and it was about women’s suffrage. It was quite interesting, especially because in the movie Mary Poppins Mrs. Banks wears a similar sash to the history teachers/actresses. Any way, here is the link if you want it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYQhRCs9IHM
    ( if it doesn’t work I’m sorry, I am not very computer savvy)

  5. Hi Mrs. Digangi. I just wanted to let you know that I asked my brother if the notes helped in history. He told me that he doesn’t have them any more.

  6. Charlie: From this activity i learn that no one is above the law and everyone has the same three natural rights. None should be treated differently. And that the law must trial everyone evenly and be fair to everyone no matter who they are.

    Bianca: from this activity I learned that everyone has to follow the law and everyone has responsibilities. In order to have rights, you must be responsible.

  7. Hey Ms Digangi! When we were learning about Parlaiment yesterday, I had a pop-culture connection! In the Pirates of the Carribean movies, the whole story takes place during the time of Parlaiment. The pirates fight with the British government, which was Parlaiment at the time. I thought this was cool! 🙂

  8. This live binder was very helpful. If I forget notes at school I could easily get notes and study. I didn’t understand it when we started But when we checked our answers I understood. When we were talking about not marindizing a person dn they don’t go to jail. In the movie Madea Goes to Jail the officers that arrested her did not marindize her and she didn’t get to go to jail. Since people were hurt she had to go to court. The big ideas of colonial influences really explain how government was formed. The constitution has influenced today’s laws and will effect the future. I order to apply all knowledge, we need to understand it!

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