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  1. Izzy,

    Other students will benefit from this outstanding pop culture connection. Nice work recognizing the content on your favorite show. By the way, it sounds like a scary show. Is it? It’s also a coincidence since we used the Zombie video to teach how to create a storyboard. 🙂

  2. EXTRA CREDIT:hi ms digangi I wAs watching my favorite show the walking dead and they were talking about how the three branches of government don’t represent them anymore because there world is being taking over by zombies. They realize how important it is to have a government and that each person in the group in the show must have a responsibility like the government does.

  3. I think Will was Thomas Jefferson for Halloween. I think this because he is holding the Declaration of Independence and Thomas Jefferson was the one who wrote it.

  4. Dear Mrs. D,
    I rewatched the brain pop video we watched today in class. The second time I watched the video I understood it a lot better. After I finished watching the video I took the quiz that went with it and got a 90% on it.

  5. Dear Mrs. D,
    I believe Will dressed up as the Declaration of Independence for Halloween. I think this because he his hold the Declaration of Independence in his hands and he is also hold the pen call the quill the used to write it.

  6. Hi mrs. D,
    I was studying for our quiz the other day and i came across a good connection! When I studied the insure domestic tranquility card, I thought about what is going on between our country with helping Israel./middle east. People have been complaing that Obama hasn’t helped a lot of problems over between middle eastern countries. When Israel and the Palestinian people fight, Palestine is mad at Israel for “having there country”. They need to learn about domestic tranquility in order to have peace. Even though our country is all over that, we, the people of the United States, need to stop judging and let Obama and the Middle East figure it out. My aunt lives in Israel and says that everything is ok now. My sister is going there next week and they aren’t worried. I just hope people will really understand what is going on there.

  7. One goal of the Constitution is to secure the blessings of liberty by having the right to vote. The 15 th amendment gives people of every race the right to vote. The 19 th amendment gives women the right to vote. You can secure your rights with these amendments. I know that everybody has this right as long as they are old enough. During a time in history, African Americans were unable to vote. They now are allowed to vote because of this real life example of the goals of the Constitution.

  8. I think will is either one of our founding fathers or Thomas Jefferson. I think so because these are the topics we are talking about in class. I think he could be Thomas Jefferson because he wrote that document.

  9. I remembered a song/video from when I was in fifth grade and had to memorize the Presidents in order. When it mentions Thomas Jefferson, it also mentions him writing the Declaration of Independence. I hadn’t remembered about the song until we had learned about the Declaration in class.

  10. When you started teaching us about the Constitution, before that I never really knew what it was! I thought it was a document about our country but I didn’t know the specifics. I realized that Thomas Jefferson had influences on how he wrote the Constitution. I also did not know what past articles or documents effected the writing! I think it is so cool that our founding fathers had so many influences! Check out this cool video about The Articles Of Confederation! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT7dMHAiCfs


  11. Hey Mrs D!
    When we were talking about the pursuit of happiness in class the other day I thought of the movie with Will Smith! I was young when I saw that movie and didn”t really understand what it meant! So here I am, Making a pop culture connection! We found out that the pursuit and happiness means to find joy or happiness! That was one of the rights that you would be born with! The Movie, the Pursuit of Happiness, is about a single father having a hard time looking for a way to find joy and happiness! Thanks to your lessons, I now know what it means! 🙂

  12. I think he is dressed up as one of our founding fathers. I think he is one of our founding fathers because he is holding up the Declaration of independence.

  13. HI Mrs D, Looking at the picture and his outfit, it looks like he was either a soldier, Billy Mays, or a scientist! Just a few guesses!

  14. Dear ms. D,
    I think Will is the Declaration of Independence.I believe this because he is holding the Declaration of Independence in his hands. He also has a quill in his hand, which the authors used to write the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was written on July 4, 1776 to declare freedom from Great Britian. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence with Ben Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston.

  15. Dear Ms.D,
    He is the declaration of independence. It is so obvious, he has it all over the front of him. Though the hat was misleading, it is easy to tell what he is for Halloween.

  16. I think he is Thomas Jeffersn. I think this because he is holding the declaration of independance. And Thomas Jefferson wrote the decleration of Independance.

  17. I think that Will was Thomas Jefferson for Halloween because he is holding the declaration of Independence and the pen in his hand made it obvious cause he wrote it.

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