The US Constitution

Students will wrap up their Constitution In Plain English Projects this week.

Project Timeline for Group & Individual Projects:

Groups: Each student in each group is responsible to create images for their section of the storyboard – All IMAGES are COMPLETED, COLORED, CUT & EMPHASIZE THE MAIN IDEA


Groups: Dress Rehearsal + Film your final movie – Schedule for Filming





Click on Tim and Moby’s picture to watch the video on “Checks and Balances.”
We will play the review quiz and complete the Graphic Organizer during class as an introductory activity. Students, you have access to until 5:30 pm to watch the short movie clips, play the review games, and extend your learning.
FACT FIND using the slideshow below. Strive for Accuracy and check your work. Your handout should match the FACT FIND SLIDESHOW. You will use this slideshow for an assignment using the iPad apps. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? CLICK HERE FOR THE GOOGLE DOC!

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES: Share pop culture connections by posting a stickie below or add to the discussion by watching and commenting on previously stickies.

98 thoughts on “The US Constitution

  1. Rosa Park stamp today was unveiled by the post office on the 100th birthday of the late civil rights Pioneer

  2. Today when I was in the computer I found this magazine article the said that Taylor swift was pregnant with Harry styles baby but that was a false fact because Harry styles is only 18 and Taylor swift is I think 24. This was violation one other first amendment on the presses case and their committing libel which is against their rights and making both of their lives confusing

  3. Dear Ms. D,
    On Friday you mentioned to the class that Martin Luther King Day is about public service. Yesterday I went to Long Beach Island to look for a beach house to buy for the summer. Due to Hurricane Sandy many people’s houses were ruined, destroyed, or had some sort of damage. What made me feel good is that there were so many construction workers out there repairing houses. They were helping out the community and they looked happy to do it. This made me want to get out and help them. Next year I will try to do some kind of community service on Martin Luther King Day!

  4. my family and i are watching the presidential inauguration right now. i am now easily able to make connections from what we learned in class to the people that attended.

  5. Dear Ms. D,
    I never really knew how important the constitution and the three branches of government are. Between the projects, notes, slide shows, videos, and studies guides it makes it so much easier to understand than writing an essay. I learned that the US has a bicameral legislature. This means that there are two houses or chambers of congress. The two houses are the House of Representatives and the senate.

  6. This project and the classmates videos has taught me a lot. I never knew what ratification or supremacy clause truly meant. I also didn’t know that constitution is a “living, breathing document” that can be amended. This project sure taught me a lot and made me understand the content much better than before.

  7. This week i have learned a lot from the packet, project, videos, etc. I learned so much about the the three branches and that Nixon is the only president to resign. I also learned that John Banner is the speaker of the house. There is so much more that i have learned and a lot more that i want to learn.

  8. Mey Mrs. D!
    I just wanted to let everyone know that the video project was ablast! I really enjoyed drawing a narriating! It was super helpful to learing about the Constitution! It is way better than note and having to write an essay!! 🙂

  9. I learned that the vice president has two main jobs. One is to vote if a tie occurs. The other is he acts a presence and remindes the senate of the presidents wishes and powers. If something happens to the VP, the president pro tempore takes over for the time being.

  10. This week, we leaned a lot about the Constitution by taking notes and looking through the packet. One of the things I found most interesting were some of the powers denied to congress. For example, I believe that it was very intelligent of the founding fathers to make sure Congress can not suspend a Writ of Habeas Corpus or post Ex post facto laws. It protects the rights of citizens like me which helps us feel safe and respected.

  11. I learned many things during the constitution unit. I learned that the president pro tempore died recently and his replacement was Patrick J. Lahey. Before this unit I would not have known let alone what a president pro tempore was.

  12. Hi Ms. D!

    Social Studies has taught me a lot about the constitution and the U.S. government so far. One of the subjects I have learned about is the job of the Vice President. The Vice President is the “leader” of the Senate, also known as the President of the Senate. His job is to vote to break ties and act as a “presence” to remind the Senate of the President’s wishes and power. In the absence of our current Vise President, Joe Biden, the President Pro Tempore acts in his place.
    I have also learned more about the two branches of Congress. The two branches of Congress are the Senate and the House of Representatives. To be in the Senate, you are required to be at least 30 years old, been a U.S. citizen for 9 years, and live in the state you represent. Each state has two senators, so there are 100 senators in total. Senators represent the citizens in their state for 6 years per a term. To be in the House of Representatives, you must be at least 25 years old, been a U.S. citizen for 7 years, and live in the region of the state you represent. The amount of representatives per a state depends on the population of the state, so the more people in the state, the more representatives there are for that state. The total amount of representatives there was in 2011 was 435. Representatives represent the interests of the citizens who live in the district they represent.
    The constitution is an important part of our country. In over 200 years, it has shaped our country into the beauty it is today. All the time, new laws are created and adjustments are made to the constitution to keep making it better than it was before.

  13. This unit of the constitution i have learned so many things in my class, and how my class kept reapting everything until we got it. A good thing that i learned in this unit was the vice president he leads the senate as the president of the senate. Also another thing is that the president of the senate only votes to break ties. I can’t wait to learn more about this unit!

  14. Dear, Mrs. D
    I have learned so much about the 3 branches of government throughout this entire unit. One thing I learned was that the Vice President is the president of the Senate. Another thing I learned throughout this unit was when the Vice President is gone, the Pro Tempore is in charge. thank you for teaching me so much about our country in this unit.

  15. The packet and videos that we watched helped me learn a lot about Congress. However, when we were discussing the Speaker of the House in our class no one could identify the current Speaker. From researching this I found a list of all of the Speakers of the House in US history and found out that the current Speaker is John Boehner.
    Here is the site with the list:

  16. The packet taught me a lot of things I did not know about the constitution. It helped me better understand why the constitution was so long in which it had to contain a lot of needed information. One part of it that was new to me was the order of Presidential. I did not know who would succeed the president beyond the Vice President until now.

  17. Throughout the week I learned a lot about the U.S Constitution. One thing I learned is that Lyndon B. Johnson was the person who had to take over the president position after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Another thing I learned is that there are 27 amendments in the constitution. I look forward to learning more about the constitution

  18. I have learned so many things from our packets,videos,and projects. I learned that our VPOTUS was the president of the senate and that we had a president pro tempore. I also learned that our constitution was divided up into articles and i had no idea it was that long! Before we started this unit, i had barely knew anything about government. Now I know so much more about it. For example, I learned a lot more about what the 3 branches do and how they divide up the power evenly so no branch has more power than another. I also learned about the qualifications of being a POTUS, senate, or a house of representatives. I found that to be interesting and really cool. I learned from the project more about my role and what i did for it (house of representatives) this made me understand more about them along with my group members who showed what congress could do. As you cane see, i have learned many things from this unit about goverment.

  19. This week I learned many things about the constitution. To be honest, before all the packets and worksheets, I was clueless about everything like how the POTUS has to be at least 35 years old, how he/she has to be natural born citizens, etc. Also, in the project we had to do, I learned a lot about congress. Like how congress regulates trade with other nations, between the states, and with Indian tribes.

  20. this constitution unit has helped me to better understnd things for now and the future.I’ve learned many things throughout this unit such as the three branches of government. executive, legislative, and judicial.I also learned alot about the senate and house of represenatives and what their role in office is.

  21. Hi mrs. D
    I’ve learned a lot over the past few days. I’ve leanred so much about house Congress works, and it really helped me understand it more clearly. I’ve leanred that congress collects taxes, borrows and pays money, and also that congress makes money and punishes counterfeiters. I have also learned that a lot of people who are older don’t really know a lot how our government works-according to the video we watched in class.

  22. I’ve learned many things from the packets and videos we’ve watched in class. The project really helped me to understand a lot of information as well. I’ve learned that the Vice President is also the President of the Senate. If the Vice President is absent then, the President Pro Tempore would take their place. I look foward to learning much more.

  23. This past week I have learned a lot from the packet, project and videos. I never new that the Vice President was the President of the Senate. Also I learned a lot about our government.

  24. Hey Ms.D
    During the past few days I have learned a lot about the constitution. But, I was mostly surprised by how they hide one secret cabinet member during the state of the union address. Now, since I know about it I want to know deeper.

  25. Dear Ms. D,
    Our packets in class have helped me a lot with understanding the constitution and the system of checks and balances. I have learned that Congress holds many powers. I never knew that Congress had the ability to declare war or that Congress collects taxes. It is very interesting seeing how our country is run and that although the president is the head of our country, he does not hold all of the power. I look forward to learning more about our constitution and the upbringing of our amazing country.

  26. today we learned about the requirements to be a US citizen. my grandfather wa in the mititary and when he was stationed in England my aunt and uncle were born. I learned that because my grandparents were US citizens my aunt and uncle are automatic citizens of the USA too.

  27. Dear Ms. D
    I have learned alot about the constitution that i didnt know. I learned the VPOTUS, Joe Biden, is the president of the senate. Without this unit in my social studies lessons I wouldnt know so much about the constitution. For example, I knew the government had 3 branches but I wouldn’t have known so much about them without this lesson.

  28. I have learned many things from our packets. I have learned a lot about the three branches of government. One thing that I learned was that the judicial branch has the job of interpreting laws and deciding what they mean.

  29. Through the constitution unit I have learned a lot. What really got my interest was the talk about how a bill becomes a law. I like the fact that every one must check over the bill to make sure. That is showing that the bill gets checked over and over to insure it follows the constitution.

  30. Dear Ms. D,
    This past week I have learned alot from the packet and movies we watched. One thing that I learned is the jobs that all three branches do, and the job of the Vice Presedent Tempore wich is like a ‘subsitute’ for the VP while he is gone.

  31. Dear Ms. D
    I have learned alot of things during this lesson. I leanred all about the Branches of Government and what they represent. I also learned all about the Sente and the House of Representatives which I didn’t know alot about before. I also really enjoyed the project we had on the constitution as well.

  32. Dear Ms. D,
    This passed week and through the whole consitution unit I have learned a lot about the constitution. A couple things I have learned through this unit are,The legislative branch makes laws. Another thing I have learned in this unit is the U.S. has 100 senates.Thank you so much for the help and the activities we did in class.

  33. you have to be 35 to be president but only 25 to be apart of the house of representatives.

  34. during class i have learned alot. one thing i learned is that when the vice president, who is also the president of the senate, is gone than we have a president pro tempore that can step in his place during his or her’s apsence. also that

  35. I have learned a lot of things from this lesson. It helped me to understand the US goverment better. I had been thinking that US government is very complexed but this lesson changed my mind.
    One thing that learned was the 3 branches of gov. Executive, judicial and legislative the branches of gov.
    Also the president succession was interesting to learn.

  36. Dear Ms. D,
    This week, I have learned a lot from the packet, project, and notes about the constitution. For example, I learned that we have a president pro tempore, the vice president is the president of the senate and there are three different branches of the government: executive, judicial and legislative. I look forward to learning more.

  37. Hi Ms.D
    I have learned a lot throughout this constitution unit. I learned Joe Biden or the Vice President is the president of the Senate. Also i learned that the president may be the commander in chief but congress decides on when to declare war. I have learned there are 27 amendments in the constitution. I’ve learned there are 3 branches executive, legislative, and judicial.

  38. Dear Mrs. D,
    I have learned so much from this packet and from doing this project. I knew a bit before doing any of this, though now my knowledge has expanded. I knew certain qualifications, but now I know almost all of them. The project helped because I know more about each branch. The final thing is that I have learned that the VPOTUS is also the President of the Senate. These are some of the things that I learned.

  39. The last few days in social studies we have been learning about the constitution. I learned that the Vice President leads the Senate. He has two jobs which are…
    votes to break ties
    and he acts as a “presence” to remind the senate of the President’s wishes and power. If something happens to the Vice President the President Pro Tempore takes over.

  40. Dear Ms.D,
    Throughout the duration of studying the constitution packet, I’ve realized so many things that make so much more sense now that it has been cleared up in class. I would have never thought there was a president of the senate or a lot of the positions we’ve learned about the past week. I haven’t stopped to question anything about the running of of our government in the past. I give a thumbs up to the outline of our government because I now fully understand it.

  41. I have learned many things from this packet. I leanred alot about the 3 branches and all of the jobs that they do. I also learned that the president pro tempore takes the place of the VP if anything happens.

  42. Dear Ms. D,
    During this lesson I learned quite a few things. The one that I remember the most stands out in my mind because you made my class repeat it since no one saying the answer. The fact is that the Vice President is the president of senate. Also, when the Vice President is gone, the Pro Tempore takes charge.

  43. Dear Ms.D
    From all the videos we watched, the project, and the notes we took i learned a lot about the constitution. The project helped me to understand the articles better and the videos about the different branches of governemnt and parts of congress taught me a lot of things i didn’t know about the government and how it works.

  44. through our Constitution unit i have learned a lot of useful information that will help me in the future. For example in the video we saw on the 9th if that ever happens to me i would be prepared to answer most of the questions correct.

  45. Dear Ms. D,
    This past week I have learned a lot from the project, packet, and videos. I especially learned a ton about Congress. Before, I had no idea the Vice President is the President of the Senate or that we have a President Pro tempore.

  46. The packet helped me to understand why the constitution was so long and why it needed so much thought to create a constitution that was worth living by. The packet was very interesting and taught me a lot about the US government and how the constitution helps with running all 3 branches. There are a lot of jobs in the 3 branches in the US government. I understood all of this through the packet. It would have been tough without it.

  47. i had no idea that the constitution is so long. a lot of thought must have been put into forming our nations supreme law. I can’t imagine how much work it took to think of all the ideas and laws that went into the constitution. Thomas Jefferson must have had a lot on his mind!(Ms. D note: Did you mean James Madison? Thomas Jefferson was in Paris during the Constitutional Convention in 1787. He was not one of the Framers of the Constitution.)

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