6 thoughts on “And the WINNERS Are…

  1. Dear Mrs. D,
    I really learned a lot during the Constitution lessons. I also really enjoyed doing all of the projects and photo shoots and videos!! When we first started to learn about the constitution I thought it would be very boring and useless! But I thought wrong!! I learned so much1 i shd no clue how the president go elected and i did not know anything about the Senate or Congress as a whole.
    I was talking to my friend who go to other schools and they said that they hate learning about the constitution and I’m like I love it! I have learned so much and I cannot wait to learn about other documents!!!

  2. I really enjoyed this project! And the video aha! I really learned alot about what the Constitution does. Instead of doing a boring old project we did a photo shoot! Taking photos is always fun! it is way better than writing notes ot doing an writing project!

  3. Dear ms.D, I have looked over my test and realized what I did to get the grade I received. I think that I could have spent more time reviewing my notes and looking over the handouts in class. By reviewing your notes daily, not only will it help you get better grades on your assessments, but it will help you work on your habits of mind such as striving for accuracy and can help you with persistence. As I review my notes and study guides more and more, I realize that all the information we went over in class is all on the hand outs. If I look over my papers each night I can realize how easy it is to understand our class topics. I recently went online and looked up if it is better to either review or memorize what you learn and it is proven to be better if you review because if you memorize, you will get to confused and you will not learn anything from the handouts. This is why I think that reviewing your notes daily may help you much better during class.

  4. Drear mrs.d
    I was absent yesterday nd today. My study guide is not complete and I am looking for the war in peace note sheet and I can’t find it. Is it on here?

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