As a culminating activity to our Civics and Citizenship Unit, students applied the Bill of Rights (1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th Amendments) to the PBS documentary, The Murder of Emmett Till. Students were actively engaged throughout the documentary and also recognized models of civic virtue. Mamie Till, Moses Wright, and Willie Reed were the heroes that most students connected with and Tia in L period succinctly stated that Emmett was a hero because he was a “sacrificial lamb” and his death sparked the Civil Rights Movement.
Please Strive for Accuracy and check your responses using the Answer Key.

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12 thoughts on “BiLL oF RiGHTS + EMMeTT TiLL

  1. Today I was watching NCIS Los Angeles and someone names tommy was helping terrorist to terrorise the United States. Tommy said everything the agents were doing was illegal. But the agents said To him that since they had evidence of him that he could be committing a crime of treason which means the agents would have to do stop them at all cause. Anyway, we recently learned about crime if treason in Social Studies. I thought it was cool that I was able to know and relate to the show about what I learned.

  2. Hi Ms D,
    Recently we went to Disney World and theirs ALOT of things to do with the native americans. For example one ride In Epcot called spaceship earth starts at the begging of time and works it’s way up to modern time but one of the first scenes shows indians and them carving caves. Another example of native americans and the begging of America is one land in the magic Kingdom called Frontier land. This land is somewhat based on the begging of America which is really cool. The last example is in President’s hall in magic kingdom they tell the whole story of america from the begging including the pilagrams seeing the the native americans for the fist time.

    Hey ms. D! This video is really good for remembering the amendments (besides the Justin bieber in the middle) I used this video while reviewing my notes and it really helped me. I think that the idea of having our classes do a music video is a good way for us to do better as a whole. By using songs that we enjoy and are catchy, the tone will stick in our heads and we will be able to know the information too all while having fun. I think that this video is a good example of kids using songs they like to remember there notes and information so they do much better on test, homework and quizzes.

  4. Hi I was just thinking about how cruel our country was to African Americans. We as one, commercial ourselves as being free although the punishments that African Americans had to withstand like death and abuse is a sin. We call our selves free when really the African Americans weren’t treated free at all they were slaves and prisoner’s of our government. We acted as if they didn’t exist and if you look back at what they had to do as slaves they were working harder than many of the whites. So now today in our society I’m glad to see our country come together as one melting pot and be able to stand by the name of a free country.

  5. The emmitt till case was horrible. A young boy should never die at the age of 14. After watching this documentary it shocked me that they were not guilty. The way Emmitt till died was very cruel. The heros in the emmitt till case were the people who stood up for emmitt. They risked their life for another person. This shows how wonderful people can be when they help eachother.

  6. It is astounding to see how much America has changed. Watching the State of the Union Address, the president spoke of the responsibilities of the government. He stated that the government not only serves the minority but the many. This includes any legal resident regardless of race or religion. During Emmett Till’s time this did not entirely apply. The government did not particulary favor African Americans. However, now, this does not happen. The government strives for equality. Another example of this is that they now passed an equality salary law. This is so people who work the same exact job will get the same exact salary regardless if they are a man or a woman. Also, President Obama spoke about the advances in more sustainable energy resources. The price of Solar Panels have decreased and should keep decreasing. Barack Obama spoke of moving forward and only forward. Better bridges, buildings, pipelines and anything to help businesses improve have been taken into consideration. In addition, the housing market is improving since its crash in 2007. The president spoke of various other improvisational ideas but there are too many to list. The big question is what are the first steps to take toward these ideas and if they will even be taken? Will Congress vote for much needed proposals? Will the citizens of the United States make a change in shaping the nation?

  7. I researched what happened to “Too Tight” and he was put in jail in a neighboring county under a false name. He was put in jail so he couldn’t testify in the Emmett Till case. After the trial when he was released he denied ever being put in jail. Later in his life he worked on a cotton plantation in Drew

  8. I’ve been listening to the State of the Union address and I’ve learned a few things. When President Obama was talking about new scientific and innovate jobs and he said scientists are starting to re-grow organs to transplant. I can connect to this because I’ve been doing a research paper in writing on Organ Transplants. This new job of regrowing organs is called xenotransplantaion that has been making new jobs. When he said this I could really understandig what he was talking about when he said this.

  9. The murder of Emmett Till was a very horrific case. The poor boy
    lost his life because he whistled at a white woman. This video helped me understand the amendments because it gave us an example to really think about and understand. Ithink that the heroes in rhis whole video were Moses Wright and Willie Reed because they both risked their lifes to stand up for an innocent boy. These two people were heroes as well as models of civic virtues.

  10. I thought the murder of Emmett Till was very sad, but I think it was helpful to watch the movie. Once they were in court, I could connect our amendment notes. One of the connections I made was that once the trial was over, they could admit to the murder and not be tried again because of the fifth amendment, you can’t be tried for the same crime twice which is called double jeopardy.

  11. In 1935 Franklin D Roosevelt gave the first State of Union speech. However, on January 8, 1790 George Washington gave the first regular annual message before a joint session of congrass. So George Washington was the first presidant to give the speech. But it wasn’t named untill 1935, when FDR gave it.

  12. The murder of Emmitt Till was a horrible case. I think the hero was mainly Moses Wright. He put his life in harms way to stand up for a boy. He wanted to end segregation and prove that blacks are equal to whites. i think anybody who puts their life in the way for another person is a model of civic virtue and is a hero.

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