Unit 1 Reflection

Hey Folks,
We are proud at what you accomplished during Unit I: Civics and Citizenship. As we move forward, we would like to take time to reflect on the last several months. Please CLICK HERE to take the Unit I Reflection. You will be prompted to log in to your Google Account. After you log in you may need to click this link again to navigate to the Google Survey. Thank you!

21 thoughts on “Unit 1 Reflection

  1. I wanted to make a pop culture connection to a video game , ” mine craft ” Is a game were you craft your essentials to live using your surrounding environment . When I was playing I realized that by Hunting cows you get their leather and meat/steak , you can use the leather to make clothes/armor , and the steak you can cook and eat thus giving you more links on your food bar ( a link of about ten food icons that are depleted when you run , they also help you regain health when hurt ) this reminded me of how the great plains used the parts of a buffalo to help them survive . Also in the game you can ” mine ” for minerals such as coal , iron , gold , diamonds , and OBSIDIAN , this can be used to craft items very Important to your survival such as swords for Hunting , shovels for … Shoveling , pick axes for mining , and coal for cooking food and making torches for illuminating the dark of the night, this reminded me of how the inuits used obsidian for swords and relied on other things that Mother Earth provided for their survival . Mine craft also touches on the topic of ” survival of the fittest ” when playing mine craft on a pvp server ( player vs player ) you must fight against others due to the lack of order ( no rules ) so the player who is most equipped and prepared , will dominated the other players .

  2. I connected this with the walking dead. The warm bodies movie had a part where the zombie smeared blood on the girl to disguise her. This was like how the Indians hid in animal skin to sneak up on buffalo.

  3. Going along with what we did today i have a pop culture reference to share. The warm bodies movie had a part where the zombie smeared blood on the girl to disguise her. This was like how the Indians hid in animal skin to sneak up on buffalo.

  4. I was watching the news and there was a case talking about a school in Kittensville. The school decided that they are going to start having random strip searches to search the students to see if they have anything inappropriate on school grounds. Parents started to protest against this new school rule, since so many parents were against it the school has now put the rule on hold. This case reminded me of the New Jersey vs. TLO case that we learned in class. Savana’s purse was searched in school because she was caught smoking on school grounds and the principal wanted to see if this was true!

  5. Some suggestions for some fun and educational apps for the ipads are:

    *Flow free
    *Temple run 2
    *subway surfers
    *fall down
    *logos quiz
    *flags quiz
    *100 floors
    *bubble mania
    *Cut and Slice
    *Whats the word
    Hope your find them helpful! 🙂

  6. I have some apps we could use in class (all these apps are for FREE)

    1- Temple Run 2

    2-Subway Surfer

    3-Angry Birds Seasons

    4-Jetpack Joyride

  7. Mrs. D!

    I was at the orthodontist today and on the news they were talking about two kids who got suspended for wearing “i <3 Bo****" bracelets to school. this reminded me of the tinker case.

  8. a good app would be geared because its educational and kind of fun… not fun for me be other kids i think will like it. also video star is a good app for recording videos for when we are doing projects…..if we do a fun project like that.

  9. I have two apps to suggest.
    The first app is called Photo Chop / Photo Chop Pro. This is a photo editing app.
    The second app I suggest is called Bad Piggies. This is an app that you need to use problem solving and creativity to pass each level.

  10. Hey Ms D
    I was watching the new tonight and a saw a suprem court case. The case had to do with 2 students that got suspended for wering I <3 bracelets. When they got to the suprem court they won. This reminded me of bens case in class.

  11. Here are some apps I think we should get on the Ipads to help us learn new things and work our brain. Theyeither teach you about different parts of the world or make you think to beat the level.

    -Pass the Past
    -Brain Quest
    -Thud!Presidants Free
    -American History Game and World History Game
    -Coast to Coast
    -Social Studies Q&A
    -Flow Free
    -Jigsaw Puzzle
    -Where’s my water
    -Bubble mania
    -Unblock Me Free
    -Logos Quiz
    -100 Floors
    -Mouse Maze

  12. When I was doing my homesork today I came across a weapon used when the Native Americans where here. It is called an Atlatal. It was very interesting to me that they would have that in the book and that I made that. I designed and built the Atlatal about a year ago. I know how to use it too. That was really cool to me!

  13. I recommend the app flow free because it really makes you think. You have to connect dots in a certain space, but the dots leave behind lines. If the lines overlap you fail. Also, this is very school appropriate and has no bad content. That is why I would recommend this app to the class. Plus there is a free version, so no damage is done if people dislike it. That’s why I reccomend this app.

  14. Since we learned about the world before us brithish scientist are learning that some dinosaurs were living under water some of them were to big to be on the ground. Also people in other coy tires have claim so see a big shadow in the water they think it is the lagnes monster more research

  15. I know a good app for learning that is called history tools. History tools informs you on historic people that died and tells you about current news going on in our world today. It is a very good school app for learning.

  16. I think that we should get the temple run 2 game because a dinosaur is chasing you and we are starting to learn about dinosaurs for native amercians.

  17. Splice is I very good app for editing and filming as you asked. I use it to edit my scooter videos and other videos. It is also free

  18. Dear ms.D
    I think solitaire should be on the iPad because it’s fun and challenging.I have it and play it at home, it’s very educational and hard please tell your supervisor about it. Thank you!

  19. Subway Surfer App. It has to deal with the 4th 5th and 6th ammendment. It can be a very fun and cool learning experience for my fellow students. It is just like temple run

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