5 thoughts on “Cruising for God, Glory and Gold

  1. Hey Ms. D,
    The other day I was at my cousin’s house and she wanted to watch the movie Pocahontas. (A fabulous movie by the way. Disney at it’s greatest) So anyway, the movie starts off with it’s opening number “Virginia Company.” Now I have watched this movie numerous times in the past thirteen years, but I had never listened to the song lyrics before because usually the information at the beginning of the movie is pretty important. This time, however, I caught a line of stanza that I had never picked up on before. Later when I looked it up I realized I had heard it right. That line of lyrics would be “For Glory God and Gold and the Virginia Company.” It just seemed funny because Glory God and Gold is almost exactly like God Glory and Gold (Except that Gold and Glory are switched.). Did you take that from the movie or was that just a funny coincidence?? Anyway, there are lot of other songs from Pochohantas that relate to our God Glory and Gold packet. ( MIne and Savages are excellent examples) I had just never noticed that line of lyrics before.
    P.S. here is the link to the lyrics for the Virginia Company http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/pocahontas/thevirginiacompany.htm

  2. Hey Mrs. D
    I was looking for the slide show notes for the home work. I looked on post board ( home page) and in the live binder please let me know if I am looking wrong and its ok because I can also do it in independent if the notes arnt posted yet.

  3. In one of the chapter walk assignment there are pictures with captions that talk about sir Drake. It is said that there is a large sum of gold that was he had that was never found. In a game series called uncharted a great great great great grandson of sir Drake receives Drake’s journal had finds a trail that might lead him to the gold.

  4. hey mrs. D! i found a pop culture connection to what we are learning! in this family guy excerpt, Brian tells peter facts about christopher columbus. :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwn2EXUV87U the qualtiy is bad and thevoume will need to be turned up, but it is about columbus. thanks 🙂

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