The following CSI led students through a crime scene to analyze “evidence.” Students examined evidence to determined which crime was committed by drawing conclusions. I used primary sources (eyewitness accounts) like Olaudah Equiano, to identify 5 “artifacts” that could be put together like a puzzle.

Tell us what you thought about our CSI.

Did you enjoy learning by starting with a question?

Which piece of evidence had your team of investigators stumped?

How did your team use the Habits of Mind during the CSI?

2 thoughts on “CSI: SLAVERY

  1. Dear Mrs.D during our class discussion about slavery I was reviewing in my mind and realized a movie that involves slavery. That movie is called taken it was about women and trafficking and women getting forced to do anything. The girls in the movie are sold to men as property or as a slave making them do anything they ask for.

  2. I watched the movie 42 and it reminded me of what we were learning in class. The movie was about jacki Robinson being descriminated from baseball. His reminded me of slavery and how slaves were treated poorly because if their skin color

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