If At First You Don’t Succeed…Try, Try Again

The first 2 activities will provide you with the background knowledge for our CSI.  If you interact during the activities your Active Listening and Literacy Skills (comprehension, interpret/analyze text and images) will improve.

1) BrainPop Queen Elizabeth I and ActiVote Quiz Game! Click on the image of the Battle of the Spanish Armada to view the video. 


2) CRAB WALK THROUGH ROANOKE – CLICK HERE for the GOOGLE DOC. If you are in class click on the iBooks App on your iPad.
First: Preview the Comic Images and Timeline in top right.
Second: Preview the Questions
Last: Read for a purpose by recording responses as you read OR do a quick read through and go back and respond to questions

3) CSI: The Lost Colony and CSI Conclusions Chart

8 thoughts on “If At First You Don’t Succeed…Try, Try Again

  1. I am trying to do my CSI the lost colony pages in my packet. on the live binder I load up the “if at first you don’t succeed packet” tab. there is no link to see the packet and it does not show anything. Can you help

  2. Hi Mrs.D the title if at first you don’t succeed try try again reminds me of something we learned in the beginning of the year. And that subject as the articles of confederation. This remind me of this title because at first they did not succeed

  3. In class we learned about the lost colony of Roanoke. We learned that there are three possible things that could have happened to this colony. The only evidence we have to the whereabouts of the Roanoke colonists is the word Croatoan carved into a tree. I believe that the colonists went to live with the Croatoan Indians. This would explain the word Croatoan and why none of them were ever found.

  4. In class we discussed Francis drake a explorer, who traveled around the world. I have played a video game called uncharted , it is a series of games where you play as Nathan drake, you have Francis drakes journal that is full of puzzles and information about the ancient places he visited , as you play through the game you visit present day Yemen in search for a golden temple , when you find it you must complete puzzles that Francis drake has left untouched for you to figure out , there are also moments in the game where you encounter some mythical ancient curses and magic that you either have to fight or work with , in another one of the games you are waking up in a train hanging off a mountain , you the. Make your way into a small town in Tibet , you eventually find your way up Mount Everest and fighting the infamous yeti , in the next game you are looking for eldorado , a city of gold , throughout each game you learn a lot about the history of the places you go to.

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