Jamestown: No Work, No Food

This Week:
1) BrainPop Pocahontas video clip and ActiVote Quiz Game – This will be a CLASS WAR!  CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

    First: Preview the Comic Images and Timeline in top right.
    Second: Preview the Questions
    Last: Read for a purpose by recording responses as you read OR do a quick read through and go back and respond to questions

***CULTURE SHOCK VOLUNTEERS: see teachers to sign up to bring in items so we can party like it’s 1607


2) JAMESTOWN TIMELINE / CHOOSE YOUR OWN APP (CYOA):  Choose 6-9 Events from the timeline to create a product using an App of your choice. * PLAN FIRST THEN CREATE. (Ms. D note: if time allows we will complete this activity)

The 1st English Settlement of Jamestown

After the Lost Colony of Roanoke, the English did not give up on the New World. Raw materials, trade, silver, gold, and spreading their faith motivated them to persist through many obstacles. Jamestown, founded in 1607, was the first permanent English settlement in the New World. Life was not easy for the settlers. In fact, many people lost their lives to disease and starvation. Native American society was negatively impacted by English encroachment onto their lands. Hostile relations soon erupted. Let’s not forget that slavery in the colonies started in Jamestown. We hope to take a bird’s eye view and look at multiple sides of the story (POV).

The Class of 2011 laughed…

When Tim C pd, shared his interactive response to the prompt: Name a Deli Sandwich about the Starving Time in Jamestown during the winter of 1609-1610. His deli sandwich was “You Are What You Eat on Rye.” Do you know why?

Our interactive responses help us to learn and apply the content by “making it stick.”

EXTRA CREDIT: What were some of your favorite interactive responses from the SMACKDOWN? Leave us a comment.

View this student created video overview of the Jamestown settlement.

Got Pop Culture Connections?  Post them here.

Read this pop culture connection from Cole, class of 2012: “I have a connection for what we were learning in class today to “The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel” book series. In the fifth book of the series (“The Warlock”), Virginia Dare was a reoccuring character, just like she was in the fourth book, “The Necromancer”. The author, Michael Scott, uses several historical figures throughout the book series. However, while reaading the books I did not know of her importance to American history. So I read a small article online about her to gain further understanding. Now after learning a little more about her in class, it actually helps me understand her character in the books better.”

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