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  1. Dear Ms. D,
    In class, we had talked about how taxes started rumors about a revolution. I have two pop culture connections. The first is a movie about a girl growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia when the rumors start. Her father is all for the revolution, because with the high taxes on everything, most colonists won’t buy anything at his store. Her best friend and her grandfather are loyal to the king though, and Felicity doesn’t know who’s right. My second connection is to a book I’m reading called “The Secret of Sarah Revere”. Sarah’s dad is Paul Revere, famous for warning everyone that the British were coming. Sarah’s world is upside down now. Her dad may have fired the first shot that started the war, but no one is sure. Paul won’t say a thing to her about it and he’s been secretive with his other government plans too.

  2. Hey Ms D
    Now that we are wrapping up this unit, I just wanted to reflect on what we have done. I really enjoyed learning about the Jamestown settlers and Roanoke and people in them. I never really knew anything about are US history involving the Indians so I find it really interesting. My favorite part was on the timeline where you had to make up funny things. I also really enjoyed this project. It was a lot of fun to combine our knowledge of history with our knowledge of technology. Although I didn’t understand many things I finally do! Thank you so much for making it fun! 🙂

  3. I really like how we got to choose what type of project we got to do. It really gave us a chance at getting a good grade because with all the choices, we could pick one that we would do better on. I also thought it helped because it gave us review of the Jamestown timeline and it was displayed different forms of the notes so we would have a better chance at remembering the timeline. I also thought that Ashley and Kaylani did a really good job on the rap. Theres was one of the only rap I could hear and I thought the lyrics were spot on with the time line. I also thought Lindsey and Ameila did a really good job. It really looked like a professionaly done movie trailer.

  4. I was wondering a little more about Jamestown and I found some interesting facts about it. One thing I found interesting was 214 settlers arrived yesterday 406 years ago at what would become Jamestown. Also another fact about Jamestown is only 60 settlers were left after the starving time in 1609-10. Roughly a quarter of the settlers are left

  5. I am reading a novel called Sabotage and it is about the lost Ronaoke colony. Virgina Dare is a character in the book and the author goes on to predict her opinion on what happened to the colony. In the book it also includes time travel so it is a fictional book.

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