Battle Reenactments All Day (our experience with B.R.A.D)

Authors: Ashley, Lindsay, David

This past Friday, Ms.D treated us to a visit from a WWII reenactor. Brad, a former student of Ms. D’s, is a twenty year old WWII reenactor with a strong passion. When he was younger, Brad was very fond of Black Ops and other video games which ignited his interest in wars from different time periods. He was cordial enough to spend the time to demonstrate for us an insight into WWII reenactments. Brad shared with us his story of how he got into his “unit” and how much he enjoys this unique hobby. We couldn’t help but feel his enthusiasm as it spread throughout our classroom.

When we saw Brad’s array of props, we knew we were in for something special. After showing us pictures and videos from his reenactments, he pulled out two helmets, one a very accurate replica of an American army helmet from WWII, and another an actual Nazi helmet from the 1940’s. Next, we saw a realistic clip of bullets, and several pieces of accurate WWII uniforms. To cap it off, one of our classmates was actually invited to wear one of the uniforms. Our experience was so authentic, especially with Brad’s extensive collection of WWII paraphernalia, we felt like we were back in the ’40s.

All in all, Brad showed us what it was like to be in a time that seems so distant to us now. His interest in history is so strong that he chose to carry it out in a hobby outside of his learning. Brad demonstrated for us a unique pastime that incorporates a love of learning, knowledge and the past. Currently, Brad is attending Rutgers University with distant aspirations to become an astronaut, and works at a restaurant. We can only hope that students next year get to meet someone who showcases such  a passion for history, and we are grateful to him for his time.

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14 thoughts on “Battle Reenactments All Day (our experience with B.R.A.D)

  1. Hi Ms.Digangi
    I wanted to comment talking about Hitler and if justice was really ever served; September 2nd 1945 the Japanese surrender to the U.S.A onboard the Missouri ending WWII. Even though the war is over the memories of what Hitler did as a Nazi still remain. U.S.A and Soviets wanted to punish those responsible for injustices committed They wanted Hitler, Goebbles, Himmler, Hess, Dr. Mengele, AldolfEichmann, Herman goering, and many others to pay for what they have done. They got charged with Conspiracy, Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes ,Crimes Against Humanity, 6 given prison terms 10 years to life. Although…did this really ever serve justice for all the lost lives?…all the people crying for years?…All The People who were effected? No but unforcianitly all we can do is treat the people who’s family’s died in the holocaust with resect and dignity.

  2. Hey Ms. D it’s been a while since we had a class discussion about current events. The situation in Syria has heated far past what I had originally thought it would. I share this because I just finished the watching Obama’s speech about the situation,which i have been calling to attack or to not attack, and I know you don’t share your personal views, but I am no such way. I am all for attacking Syria and I also fully understand the consequences of engaging, but I also understand the consequences of watching and letting innocent people die. It would be one thing if Syria was just in a civil war but innocent people are being killed with W.M.D.’s . People are always going to have a different opinion and i’m just confused as to why there are people who believe that we should not do anything at all. I believe this because of ignorance and i mean this to no offence, I mean ignorance is bliss, or they are scared that this could become word war 3. They are not incorrect to assume so or be scared this could very well be WW3 yet there is more humane things to think about. Wouldn’t they want to someone to help them in a chemical warfare crisis.But, the whole reason I’m writing this is because i think that is important for out generation to understand what is happening’ that we might be the soon be the young draftees picked to fight in a 3rd world war and it will be our turn to fight bravely like the Marine raiders or 101st Airborne in WW2. the other reason this is written is i ask you please to discuss this if time permits to discuss this with a class and write me back on their responses (and i’m not asking for names just what the majority answers). The third and final reason is i’m currently taking American Government and no such topics are shunned away. Only time will tell if history repeats it’s self.
    Thank you for a great 8th grade year 2012-2014

  3. Hi Mrs. D, we are in english and we decided to check and see if the blog posts were still here…. We just wanted to check in and say hi! good luck with your new class! have a great year!

  4. Hey Ms. D, Its Matt L from two years ago, I am now a sophomore at bishop eustace… And the President of the Freshman and now Sophomore class. I am taking honors Us History 1 next year and I need to write a summer paper on a comparison of the Last of the Mohicans and the French and Indian war… I am having trouble and the paper is supposed to be on whether the movie is historically accurate enough to study and take notes from… Do you have anything to add to this topic, I remember watching the movie in your class. If you do that would be great thanks!

  5. Hi Michael,
    Thank you sincerely for your beautiful comment! It was my pleasure to have such an outstanding group of 8th graders! Michael, I enjoyed reading your comments and hope to hear from you in the future. Best wishes always. 🙂 Ms. D

  6. Hi Megan,
    Unfortunately, there are students in the slideshow on the “no photo” list. Therefore, I cannot post it. I can email it to you when I am back in school. Is that OK?

  7. Dear, Ms.D,
    This may be my last blog post ever, but I think I speak for not only myself but all of eighth grade yellow when i say that this social studies class was a blast. The projects, the songs, and of course the parties were great. I had a lot of fun in your class, and I will definitely be back to visit. Ms. D thank you for an outstanding year! Thank you for reafding all my posts, and taking time to answer my questions. Thank you!
    Sincerely, Michael

  8. Hi JoJo,
    Thank you for your comment. Brad was a great guest speaker and he equally enjoyed his time teaching all of you! 🙂

  9. Hi Michael,
    We will post a video slideshow shortly so you can see what you missed. I am happy to hear students shared their positive experience with you! 🙂

  10. Hi Dom,
    I love that commercial. Thank you for sharing your pop culture connection! 🙂 Don’t forget Revere actually said, “The Redcoats/regulars are coming!”

  11. I was just watching tv and I saw a Geico commercial. It had Paul Revere with a cell phone calling people and warning that the redcoats were coming. It reminded me of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride. Although it would have been a lot easier for him with a cell phone instead of screaming “The British are coming!” While riding on a horse. Sorry Paul

  12. Dear Ms.D,
    I am so mad I missed Brad. I have heard from numerous students that Brad was a lot of fun. I picked the wrong day to be sick. I find his hobby to be quite interesting. I also find it interesting that he is attending Rutgers and hopes to become an astronaut. His life sounds like fun and sounds interesting. Thank You Ms. D for reading this!

  13. before we saw the presentation with Brad, i thought reenacting war was for fun. i realized after his presentation, that war was to respect fellow comrades who have died and are in war. or in Brad’s case, to respect the war and soldiers of world war 2. i think it is really cool that Brad does this and devotes his tim and effort into it.

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