Digital Citizenship

The Internet has a global audience and online safety is of the utmost importance. Through blogging and use of web 2.0 tools, you will practice digital citizenship in an authentic and supervised setting. Today and tomorrow we will practice digital citizenship and online safety. Please use the resources in the Livebinder to review today’s lesson.


The following Public Service Announcement shows 4 teens in a kitchen.
What is the message of this PSA?

HOMEWORK DIRECTIONS: Respond to the following QUESTION by posting a comment:


How will you use the class website this school year? Provide specific examples. 

  • Please check your work before you click post: 
  • Did you use complete sentences?
  • Did you spell check?
  • Did you answer the question? 

Tim and Moby from BrainPOPClick on BRAINPOP to watch the videos, “Online Safety” and “Cyberbullying.”

169 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship

  1. Hi mrs D I think that these video tutorials was a good way to teach kids how to use this website. I found it a really cool idea doing them on a iPad!

  2. On other iPads there is the app plants vs. zombies but on some others there aren’t. So I thought it might be a good idea to add it on everyone’s iPad because it’s a very popular game and a lot of people enjoy playing it.

  3. This video has taught me that most people say things online that the wouldn’t say in real life. If you won’t say something to someone in person, why say it to them online? Do people think that it’s okay to hurt people’s feelings over the internet but not in person?

  4. I will use this website when I have missed something in class. I can also find this website helpful to me because when I miss something important on when I was absent I can easily access it.

  5. I will use the class website responsibly and respectfully. I will also use it to make sure I complete my homework. I think this website will be very helpful since I do forget my agenda book from time to time! This website will also help me with make up work while I’m traveling. I can see what my homework is wherever I am!

  6. Hi Maia,
    Thank you! 🙂 What do you like most about Social Studies? What is your favorite way to learn?

  7. I will use this website for information about the world (Teacher note: Follow the Quality Comments Guidelines: 3 sentences minimum.)

  8. The message of this video is not say something on the internet if you wouldn’t say it in real life

  9. i will use this website to do my hw stay on schedule and study.
    i will also use this to learn about internet safety and about rights and wrongs on the internet.this website will help me stay on task remember my hw. (Teacher note: Use the Quality Comments Guidelines. Check punctuation and capitalization before you post.)

  10. Hey ms d i feel we will use this website say if were out and are absent. We can still access it from home and be on top of our game. This will improve learning later. (Teacher note: Use the Quality Comments Guidelines. Check punctuation and capitalization before you post.)

  11. I plan on useing the website whenever i am absent beacause i coul see what i missed and do th3e make up work. i would also watch the video clips and read the new articles that are posted. (Teacher note: Follow the Quality Comments Guidelines and check spelling and capitalization.)

  12. Mrs. Digangi is the best teacher ever and i cant wait until all of the ipads have ios 7! (Teacher note: Read posts and directions carefully. This wasn’t the homework. Follow Quality Comments Guidelines and Online Safety. I deleted your last name.)

  13. I will use the class website a lot throughout this school year. Some things i would we able to use it for and find througout the website are notes that i might have missed if i was absent, homework i forgot to write down, and when quizzes or tests will be coming. I feel as though this website will help other students and I throughout the year. As long as i continue to use this website, i think i will have a great and successful year ahead of me! (Teacher note: Use the Quality Comments Guidelines. Check punctuation and spelling before you post.)

  14. Wow, this video taught me a lot. It taught me that on the internet people would say more things to you than in real life. I also learned that you can and probably will be caught if you are reported. (Teacher note: Read posts and directions carefully. This wasn’t the homework.)

  15. I will use this website to my advantage to help me on my schoolwork at home, to see the project, homework, test, or quiz is assigned. Sorry I’m posting so late, my Wifi crashed and I couldn’t figure out how to post a comment until it was late at night!

  16. I will use it as a resource to help me do better in school. I will check for when we have homework and also when we have certain events coming up. The conch will help me be more successful in social studies class. (Teacher note: Follow the Quality Comments Guidelines and don’t forget the class period.)

  17. How to install The Conch application on Android

    1.) go on the conch website
    2.) create the website as a bookmark and save the bookmark
    3.) go into bookmarks and press and hold on the conch
    4.) click “add to home screen”

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