11 thoughts on “Why HiSToRY MaTTeRS 2013

  1. In history I know we study about the civil war and laws. I thought that World European War 3 was a great example of this. The game includes all sorts of war situations and teaches students how stressful it was to live or command an army at that point in time. This app is free, so no money is taken out of your pocket (or iTunes Account). There is little to no offensive language and I think this game teaches us students a lesson or shows us a different perspective of a war. Thank you for taking your time to read this comment and I hope this app gets viewed or downloaded.

  2. I think a good game we should download on the iPad is “cut the rope” the game is knowing how to get the treat into the monsters mouth! It’s like where’s my water but instead of the water trying to go in the mostest mouth it’s treat! you have to cut ropes to what u think and how you think it will go into his mouth

  3. Hi mrs.Digangi. I would like to recommend this app called Educreations Interactive WhiteBoard. It is a free app where everyone in class can follow along on lessons and can view examples from anywhere in the world. Also It can be embedded in websites and serves just like an active board but on the iPads. You can create lessons and even add commentary. Now everyone won’t squint to see the active board if they sit in the back.

  4. I think when we learned about this packet and did the activities it was really fun. I liked how we learned what hashtags are I never really realized what they were I just used them. Doing the primary or secondary activity was fun too. I really liked choosing if they were primary or secondary and learning why.

  5. Hi Madisen, I looked up Klick Kick and couldn’t find it. Is it under a different game title?

  6. I think a really good game is klick kick. It’s a game where you try to scores goal on the goalie moving its coordination your trying to move the soccer ball and getting it past the goalie

  7. I think when we learned about this packet and when we were handed the packet that I found it to be a really cool packet and fun to learn about! My favorite part about it was learning aboutt he primary and secondary sources. I found that really enjoyable to learn about and making up hastags! It was a cool way to understand something more! I also think that the videos that you showed us were really funny and connected really good with the stuff we were learning about in the packet.

  8. I found lyrics from a song that relates to what we will be learning about within the year.
    “Then we made it to the Ice Age,
    But I lost you in the crusades.
    I built the pyramids for you, babe,
    Just to see your face.”
    – Past Lives By: Kesha

  9. Hi Mrs.Digangi
    I just wanted to comment about how the world is changing with the new advancements in technology. Its so hard to believe that 30 years ago the first mobile phone was created weighing in at 2.2 pounds. Now we have an Iphone5s with fingerprint identity sensors to unlock the phone. We have the iSight camera.
    A 15 percent larger sensor and slo-mo video. The new 8-megapixel camera packs in so much great standards, it’s even easier to get a great shot. From the first phone to high tech phones we have gotten so far in only 30 years, when my parents were kids they had to read books and go to the library just to do an S.A now we have the technology at the tips of our fingers, and sometimes we just should learn to appreciate the technology we have and not take it for granted.

  10. Our society has learned from the past many different times. One being the 9/11 attack that occurred in New York City. After this event happened the united states inforced and made the airport security stronger so it would never happen again. Even though this event hurt our society we didn’t run away from it, we learned from it.

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