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  1. In history this year I know we are learning about american history. There is an app cald world conquerer 3 that lets you experience all the action about the cival war and other american battles. This app is 100% free and teaches you how difficult and nerve racking it was to be a general during that period of american history. I reccamend that we add it to all ipads.

  2. Hi mrs. D,
    I would like to recommend an application for the iPads , it’s called “Order and Chaos Online”. It is perfect because it takes place in a midevil like time. It is one of the most acclaimed mmorpg’s (massive multiplayer online role playing game) on the iPad, iPhone, and I touch. The game takes place in the vast world of haradon, a fantasy world full of adventure.
    You can use the advanced character creation system to customize your hero. You can have a total of 4 free character spots , and the 5th and 6th slots cost you. You first pick one of the five races available: human, elf, Orc, undead, and Mendel. Then you choose the class that you want your character to be in. The classes are: worrior, Mage, monk, and ranger. From there each class breaks out into two different paths,
    worrior = defender and attacker
    Ranger = archer and assassin
    Mage = fire and ice Magic types
    Monk = healer and martial arts
    The path you chose and the class you chose all will effect the way you and the way your character plays. Another thing that you should think about is if you play with a friend, playing with a friend is a lot easier than by yourself. The way I recommend playing too, you can think interdependantly and have one friend be a healer and the other a worrior so while the worrior deals the damage, the healer would prevent his death by healing him.
    Don’t have a friend ? Then you can play with the millions of worldwide players that are looking for help. Now there is one downside to playing online. You can’t control what others say. Having the game be a online multiplayer, they added a chat bar. Yes , I know how to turn it off , but if you chose to leave it on, you will see some bad stuff said. There is also a friends list and you can create teams so you could work along side your friends on the same quests. There is also a place where you can report the bad users that either cheat, don’t play fair, and ruin your gaming expiriance.
    Even though this game is multiplayer , it still has a main story that you follow. There are over 12,000 quest to preform in the game not including the side quests. And they all go in a certain order. Some of the quests are not accessible if you are not a certain level. And there are many guides that people have put together online that tell you which quests to do , and the ones that require a certain level to preform.
    The game has a leveling system that maxes out at level 70. You level up by completing quests and destroying powerful enemies. At level five you will recive your first skill point. Your revive a skill point every level, you use the skill point to spend on what I was talking about earlier, the skill tree that you chose. Each skill tree comes with a set of different abilities that you unlock and upgrade with the skill points. There are over 1000 different skills total in the game, that means that there are 200 skills per secondary tree. So chose your path wisely.
    There are over 2,200 pieces of equipment to gather in the game, some are neutral , but most of them are separated into different categories , certain ones for mages, monks, worriors, and rangers. The entree you get, the better your armor gets, an the cooler it looks. your adventure wil not be over soon.
    In the game there Is a money system using bronze coins, silver coins, and gold coins. The gold has the highest value in the game, solve second and bronze last. 99 bronze= 1 silver, 99 silver= 1 gold. And from gold it just continues to count up like the dollar.
    The main reason I recommend this app is because as a class we could all play this together, and work cooperatively. This game also has many different hidden pop culture connections , it shows you different types of characters and their lifestyles,and different types of empires and growing villages.
    The game is run by game loft, so you could make a game loft account , and log on and off using the account. Then after you leave school, you could get the game on a home I pad or I phone, and continue playing the same character. Sadly the game costs money to get it. 6.99 I believe. But every so often they put I out for free. Maybe I could one day get an I tunes card to purchase the game if you approve of it.
    The game is rated for ages 9+ For frequent fantasy and cartoon violence.
    The game has 4 different servers to play on , and the one that I recommend Is the “whispering isles or islands” I forget the name, but I have all of my character on that server, and that one is full of other helpful active players besides myself.
    The app also runs an in game purchase thing. And you could pay a dollar to get one gold , not worth it If I can say so my self, but you could also buy runes to spend in the side shop for special power ups and such. It gets a lot more complex, so take a look for your self and dive into the world of haradon.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this comment .

  3. I think my team worked well together. We finished a good video and I am happy with the results.

  4. I think that in our group we did very well with the project. Brook, when doing the acting in the video she did well and stayed up to speed with the narrator. Will, the narrator did good with being fluent and almost no studers. Sean (me) did well as the camera man but I did shake camera through out the video a little bit. The only other problem we had was that I had to come up with the steps at home. Other than a couple problems we worked very well.

  5. We think our group worked well together because we were on task and we made good decides by making the jobs equal. Our group needed to improve on controlling our laughter and writing the script.

  6. Josh- I think our group worked really cooperatively and efficiently
    Larson- we all worked cooperatively together
    Kieran- I think our group worked well and had fun working on the project

  7. I think that overall, we worked pretty well together. We each did our jobs well. If there was something I could improve, we didn’t really get to finish so our video wasn’t very good.

  8. Hey mrs.D, it’s Kevin and Tyler. We work in a fast pace and in an appropriate way. Our presentation was spot on with our ideas and that way that we cooperated. Our voice was loud and clear and everything made sense. This was a really fun project!

  9. Joe- I think that my group did a very good job on working well together and not fighting over parts. What I think we can improve is that we could have held the camera closer to the screen and held it steadier.

  10. We think that our group collaborated well when we made the video. We all knew the tasks that we needed to accomplish, and we did them efficiently. The only thing that our video needed was a steadier camera, but overall, we think we did very well on the project.

  11. My opinion, regarding our presentation, is that we collaborated well and it was an excellent experience. One downside is it took many taps in our video to get things done.

  12. Hey! I think we did pretty good working together. We all enjoyed making this video and working as a group. The only thing I would change is the time limit. We only had a few minutes to actually make this. I would have liked at least a few days.

  13. Garrett- I feel that my group worked very well together. I think that we deserve a 100🔨
    Anthony- I actually really enjoyed doing this project and had a lot of fun. Our group worked really well together and got things done. P.s twinkles for life.

  14. Hi it’s Amy! I think my group worked together very well. We all had good ideas and put them together good.

    Hi, it’s Julie! I think out grouped worked great together. We didn’t argue and comprimisd our ideas.

    Hi it’s Dylan and I think the grouped work together . And we didn’t argue at all!

  15. Hey Ms. D! I believe my group collaborated very well and accomplished everything that needed to be done and dealt with. We are comfident about our video and we believe we did a great job.

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