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  1. The other my mom and I were at shoprite in the checkout line. I looked up at the man working at the register and he was pretty old and had a English accent. I look at his nametag and it says “John L”. It reminded me of John Locke! I laughed really loud and tried to a picture without him noticing but missed.

  2. Dear Ms. DiGangi-
    There is a television show I watch called “Sherlock”. The main character is Sherlock Holmes but in modern times, and he is a sociopath. Today in class we were talking about sociopaths and how they have no conscience, and it made me think of this scene. The other protagonist, John, had just met Sherlock and a lady asks him about himself afterwards at the scene of a crime Sherlock had been investigating. This is their conversation:
    The lady: “But you’re not his friend-he doesn’t have friends. So who are you?”
    John: “I’m nobody. I just met him.”
    “A bit of advice, then-stay away from that guy.”
    “You know why he’s here? He’s not paid or anything. He likes it. He gets off on it. The weirder the crime the more he gets off. And you know what? One day just showing up won’t be enough. One day we’ll be standing around a body and Sherlock Holmes will be the one that put it there.”
    “Why would he do that?”
    “Because he’s a sociopath. Sociopaths get bored.”
    (She really says psychopath, but the actual character is a sociopath andthat is what people mean when they say psychopath.) I wasn’t able to find a link to this scene for free, however, if you look up the first episode of “Sherlock” on Netflix, it is from about 31:00 to 33:00. The link to the episode is as follows: [URL]http://movies.netflix.com/WiPlayer?movieid=70174779&trkid=3325854&t=Sherlock%3A+Series+1%3A+A+Study+in+Pink[URL]

  3. Brandon’s: “You know his name was Martin Luther”
    Rebecca’s: “There were contradictions and his conscience said ‘it’s time for a change'”

  4. Nics: outraged at the reprieve yah

    Marinas: You know his name was Martin Luther, he was looking for some truth yeah.”

  5. out to get Martin Luther

    You know his name was Martin Luther he is looking for some truth yeah

  6. Courtney- Spoke out against indulgences and so much more.
    Elizabeth- Wrote down his objections and nailed them to the Catholic door.

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