6 thoughts on “After the QUIZ: LOTF

  1. I researched the meaning for Lord Of The Flies at home and I found out it was called that because of the pigs head that was on the stick, it made the boys proud and happy when they captured it also the pigs head was being swarmed by flies. That is why the book was named Lord of the Flies.

  2. When watching “Lord of the flies” I was instantly hooked on the plot. Not only was I concerned for piggy but the whole tribe! During the story there were tiny hints that things were not going to end up well with the government. I also thought that piggy was the only thing holding the whole tribe together, until roger killed him, then things got crazy. The forest was burning and Ralph was being hunted. As soon as the kids saw the rescue team they realized how cruel and brute like they were to other people on the island. I knew by the look in his eyes Ralph was surprised how chaotic things got in those few days.

  3. I really like the LOTF movie we watch in class. It really went with curriculum that we were learning. I think watching that movie really helped me understand the key terms, effect and cause, and etc. I think I did really good on the is quiz. Too bad it’s over.

  4. I really like the movie. My favorite character was Piggy because he was saying a lot of smart words and words to help survive and if I was him I would do the same.

  5. I thought that LOTF was interesting. Some of the parts of it were quite disturbing when they were killing the pig, but it is expected since that is all they have to eat to survive. The part that made me upset in LOTF was when Piggy was left on the rocks to fall. He had done a lot for the group and they still hit him with a rock and killed him. Overall, I thought that LOTF was an interesting movie!

  6. I really liked the movie. I think it was sad that piggy and simon both got killed though. But the movie taught us how it would be like in a state of nature and even though there were rules jack didn’t care. Finding out the symbols was easy for me most of the time.

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