I’M CHieF, I WaS CHoSen! Why SHouLD ChooSiNG Make aNY DiFFeRence?

Over the last several weeks we studied leaders.  Some good…some not so good…

Soon…on November 11th, YOU will vote in the next 8th grade presidential election.  Take a minute to reflect on the following and respond to one or all of the questions by leaving a comment for EXTRA CREDIT  Follow the Quality Comment Guidelines.  : 

  • Are leaders born or created?
  • Which Habits of Mind are NECESSARY for LEADERSHIP?
  • Should leaders be models of civic virtue and work on behalf of the common good? 

Watch the following video clip, ESCALATOR and respond to the following:

  • Provide advice for the people on the escalator from the POV of 1 Habit of Mind.
  • What would a LEADER do in this situation?

Which Habits of Mind does Jaime need to practice? 

This is a comedy sketch, but have you met “leaders” like Jaime? Are they effective? Why or why not?

What would your 8th grade year look like if someone like Jaime won the election for House President?

4 thoughts on “I’M CHieF, I WaS CHoSen! Why SHouLD ChooSiNG Make aNY DiFFeRence?

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  2. I believe leaders are not born but they are created. They are created instead of born because as a person you cannot be automatically born as a great leader. When you are first bein nothing has yet influenced or shown you that you are a leader. You are created and turned into a leader by the ways you choose to act and how you feel. To become a leader you must show civic virtue, kindness and the want to help other people

  3. -I think leaders are created.  Each human is born with the same mental state. It is the people around them and their environment that effects how they will act when they grow up.  The people that influence them, and the people they decide to hang around with, also determines if they choose to be a leader or not. A person’s childhood is a big part of who they are when they are an adult.  It is thier own concious that will lead thier choices, resulting in perhaps becoming a leader for others.
    That is why I think they are created, not born.  In addition, the person themselves have the option to make the right choices in life, and take the initiative to do right.

    -All the habit of mind are vital to be a leader.  These include, having persistance, maintaining your impulsivities, using your past experiences to help you in new ones, striving for accuracy, and asking questions.  After all, all of them are items to make habits of when acting and thinking.  One habit of mind specifically that I think is most important, is the ability to think interdependently. This means you have empathy for everyones ideas and thoughts.  You are open to what people have to say and is cooperative when working with them.  You are not over controlling and allow everyones input. It is a learning process and you can learn from other people.  You collaborate to get the job done. I think this is the most important habit because it envolves dealing with people. You have to deal with people your entire life, and if you dont learn to work with people it will be a long, bumpy road. You must think interdependently to earn respect and get what you need done in life.

    (I know I wrote too much…)

  4. Leaders are created. They are created because no one is born with all the habits of mind of a good leader. Everyone has there weaknesses and must work to be the best they can be. They are created through hard work and dedication, helping the common good.

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