33 thoughts on “RuLe oF LaW fEEdbAck

  1. Hey Ms.D I thought of a civic virtue connection. I think Barack Obama is a model of civic virtue because he made Obama-care to promote the common good.

  2. The skits were very useful and a fun thing to do. I think that you should do stuff like that more often. It’s a great way to study and something fun to do.

  3. Hi, Mrs Digangi
    I found these skits very helpful and they are wonderful way to study and they real helped me understand what we were learning. I think this would help people doing the skits. I had a lot of fun making my skit and picking my characters.

  4. Nice characters but a little difficult to understand
    I liked your skit it was focused.

    (Teachers’ note: Which skits are you referring to in your feedback?)

  5. Mary, Brett and Meghan we liked how your backgrounds changed and that you guys spoke clearly.

  6. We liked the change of scene for Mrs. Barton, Nic, and Ryan’s skit. For Meghan, Mary, and Brett’s we liked the change of scene and how we could understand them.

  7. Nic, Ryan, Mrs. Barton I can’t understand Tameras voice and we like how you moved the characters as they talked.

  8. The thing we liked most about Ethan, Rebecca, and Marina’s is the different voices and characters. It was also really funny.

  9. I really love how Ethan, Marina and Rebecca changed they’re voice and their characters were hilarious!

  10. Ethan, Marina, Rebecca: I really liked how Ethan changed his voice to fit his 2 characters! It really made it interesting!

  11. Ethan, Rebecca, Marina: It was interesting and well planned out and I like. Batman. It was funny and it was a good skit.

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