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  1. Ms.Digangi I remember in class you had said it seems nobody uses the livebinder. I have to tell you that I appreciate you utilizing conch because one of the handouts required for the study guide I have no clue where it is. I looked it up on the live binder and it was right there for me. So thank you, and I would encourage any student reading this to utilize the conch often as well.

  2. Hi Mrs.D!

    The packet that we did in class on the constitution was a lot of fun to do. I thought that it was cool that we could act as the teacher and actually run through the PowerPoint and the notes at my own pace so that I would understand it. I would love if we could do this again. This would benefit me and others so that we can all work at a pace that we are comfortable working at. Thanks!

  3. If you see a picture of the army in the newspaper, then what part of the preamble would that be, my dear classmates?

  4. I like the new livebinder a lot. It has helped me a great deal because of many reasons. One of the reasons that I love the new livebinder is that it is more colorful and that gives it a pretty appearance. Another reason that I like it is that it scrolls much easier and has never frozen like the old livebinder has done. Thank you Mrs. D.

  5. I was looking up the preamble song so I could study and I found a video from the Andy Griffith Show. On YouTube search Barney Five the preamble to the constitution. This video is educational and funny at the same time. I hope you enjoy it.

  6. Overall I really enjoyed the preamble in pop culture. It made me laugh while learning more about the constitution and how it realted to our modern day society. For my project I chose the line provide for the common defense. This line was from the preamble of the constitution and making this photo helped me understand this line better. In our country we must trust and care for people serving our country. I will now remember this in my mind.

  7. Hello. During Americas history there have been many fights about which object/law would be brought into the country. You can relate this to the xbox one and the ps4. There are two groups of people who want the ps4 to be the superior console or the Xbox one to be the superior console. So many verbal fights or even physical fights have been triggered because of just 2 simple consoles. Also before the revolutionary war most of the states wanted to go to war with Britain but some did not. In the coming years there will eventually be more and more controversies as if we are not a united nation. I hope these future problems are resolved with peace.

  8. This project was fun. It taught us about preamble while having fun. Now whenever I think of the Preamble I will easily remember it because the picture is stuck in my head.

  9. I liked this project because it was creative and fun but sometimes I feel like it doesn’t quite get the point across with no explanation so I definitely would prefer if we did the pictures if we could explains but more.

  10. Hi Ms. D,
    I enjoyed this project because it helped me learn more about the Constitution. However, I am not very good with technology, so that part was difficult.

  11. I liked this project for the preamble because it was fun picking different pictures to out yourself on. I like working with partners more than by ourselves. We should do another project like this.

  12. I liked the preamble picture project. It was really interesting and we got to experiment with different things. Working with partners made it really fun and we should do another project like this again.

  13. We liked the little preamble project but we recommend the apps superimpose which cost 99 cents we think. Also the app square ready which is free. This app are essential for really good photo editing :). Have a good day.

  14. Hello, the class of 8th grade social studies is facing a huge problem with ipad storage. This problem has gotten so bad some of the ipads are required to delete their history just to use the camera role! We need to act as soon as possible. We need to delete useless apps to save the most important ones. But why not buy more storage. Buying more storage is a limited time solution to the problem that won’t last too long. I say we should eliminate the storage crisis and choose apps wisely. If this problem continues to fill up our ipads with space I will personaly go to the apple store to look for answers from the employees. If this problem is resolved our ipads will be faster, orgi ized and consume less energy. Please look into this problem and if its resolved it will benefit everyone.

  15. Hey Ms. D, I was just thinking about Disney and realized every movie they make has a cliché’ lesson. So I picked one of my favorites, Mulan. This movie shows that in the beginning there is no equal application of the law because female’s can’t fight like men. But in the end Mulan changes their minds by dressing up like a man and replacing her ill father in the war. Now, Mulan is one of their best fighters.

    P.S. these Anti-Spams are really odd.

  16. Hello Mrs. D, class, Mrs. Barton, whoever. I would like to reveal what a state of nature would actually look like since it hasen’t ever occured in the United states. Every year on black friday the malls go wild. TV’s are tackled and chaos breaks out. It is estimated about 8 people get trampled to death each year on black friday not even supported by the people trampling them. It is as if all hope is lost for humanity. During the lord of the flies jack killed just to get piggies glasses. Also another example of a state of nature occured in august 2012 when virginia was hit with a mild earthquake. The east cost was in total panic! I was home alone at the time and tried to call my parents to see if they felt the earthquake but the phone lines were down from so much frightened citizens. If a state of nature comes into effect in the United States it will cross lines with the details of john locks books. A government is the only thing holding our, freedom, restrictions and sanity together.

  17. Hi Ms. D, so I decided to research random facts about the Declaration Of Independance so here they are! The Declaration of Independance wasn’t actually sighned on July 4th, that was when the wording was approved by the delegates of the Contential Congress. Also there is a note written on the back of the Declaration of Independence which says “Original Declaration Of Independence dated 4th July 1776,” Those were just some facts I found interesting! Plus here is a link to a random dog video I thought you might like http://youtu.be/_9N8bUkEov8 :D. Have a nice day!

  18. Hi Ms.D! The Declaration of Independence reminds me a lot of the movie “Independence Day!” Throughout the movie, America is being taken over by aliens! In the end of the movie, Will Smith, and the president fight against the aliens for the freedom of our country! When they win the battle, the president declares the day of July 4th to be our Independence Day!

  19. Hey Mrs.D!
    Just letting you know that for Animal Welfare club, i will be staying till 3:45. I thought that whoever was staying and I could start the shirts early. I feel that having bells would be cool too…. do you have any extra from when we made the cat toys? Talk to you tomorrow! Thanks!

    C Period

  20. Hey Ms.D, I was curious about the Declaration of Independence! So I went to this website found out something interesting! Did you know that one of the 26 known July 1776 copies of the Declaration of Independence was found behind an old painting purchased at a flea market for $4!

  21. Ms.D, I was doing some more research on confederations and found out that although Switzerland is called the Swiss confederation, it is really not a confederation! Since the 1848 constitution, Switzerland has been a federal republic with the closest form of government to a direct democracy! This means that the people control the government and make the laws!

  22. Hello Ms.D im am posting this pop culture reference about the T.V show Lost. In this tv show a group of modern civilians are stranded on a deserted island. Instead of going crazy and going into a state of nature they almost automatically create there own government and look to a leader, Jack to keep order peace and to survive. This benefits them a lot because they protected from the wild animals on the island. They also worked on getting off the island and looked for a leader just like in lord of the flies they looked for a leader and a government.

    P.S did that have enough punctuation Mrs.B?

  23. Hello Ms.D im im posting this pop culture reference about the television show arrow in this modern day twist of robin hood the government is trying to get rid of or destroy the glades the “bad” part of the city even though most of the cities population is in the glades but it would benefit the upper class so the protagonist oliver queen uses his secret identity as the hood to “eliminate” upper class mainly because he doesn’t believe people should die this represent oliver as robin hood because he is trying to benefit the common good of the city

  24. We should get the app unblock me it is a puzzle game that challenges you to move the red block to the right of the screen so it challenges your mind and your ability to solve problems

  25. Ms. D, I am currently reading a book called Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult and in this book, the father named Luke leaves the comfort of his home to live with wolves. While he is out in the wild, he is experiencing a real state of nature in the wild. There are no real leaders in the cold woods of Canada and there is always fighting for power. There is also always animals trying to be better than the next. Another example this shows is survival of the fittest. The weakest of the pack die and are replaced with new, stronger animals. The young are taught to be strong but the old are either killed or left to die.

  26. Hello mrs. Digangi. I know americas history of the delcaration of independence is very important. In a movie eagle eye an artificial intelligence robot is created to serve the united states and alert the authorities for crime. During the movie when the characters realize that “she” is a robot she explains how the president must be eliminated for violating some of the original rules of the declaration of independence. I think this movie is very interesting because it involves our modern world technology and explains how much has changed since the delaration of indepence was written. Also if you are interested in science/technology with robots it makes you wonder if the government really is watching us citizens. Just an idea to watch it.

  27. During an excessivlely long session of iFunny browsing, i came across the comic, “Calvin and Hobbes.” The moment I saw that name it struck something in my brain. I researched, well looked up rather, to see if the tiger’s name Hobbes was relative to Thomas Hobbes. I found that it did in fact

  28. I think google earth is a great example of an app to download. But we first must delete some other apps for a better managing storage capacity. But why download google earth? We should be able to have the experience to explore most of North America with street view right in our classroom. Also you can tell us to go to a certain place with street view to learn and explore our great nations capitol and ruins.

  29. There is this great app for making collages. It’s called Pic Frame. It is $.99, but it’s honestly my favorite editing app. You can make a bunch of kinds of collages and you can change the size too. You can mirror the images and even add effects. I really recommend Pic Frame for our iPads.

  30. This weekend I was watching a movie called The Host. In the movie, the girl was talking about the common good and how when the parasites get put in the humans body the souls of the parasites put the common good first. This relates to what we were talking about in class with the common good.

  31. I just watched Catching Fire over the weekend. When the districts compete against each other in the arena, they live in a state of nature. There are no rules and they are attempting to kill each other.

  32. Hi Ms.D! I forgot to tell you in class today that I will not be in school on the 3 half days next week. If you could please gather work for me to do before I get back that would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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