1. Socrates’ death was caused by drinking poison. The poison that he drank was called hemlock. Hemlock comes from the plant which is smooth and purple spotted and has a hollow stem and parsley- like leaves. It’s grows 3-6 feet tall.

  2. We thought that the people in the video were not smarter than us kids. We thought that because some of the people had right answers, but most people were far from the answer

  3. During the holiday break I was watching “Family Guy,” and heard Joe, a police man say, ” They (founding fathers) made sure we all had a right to religious freedom, and it’s my job to protect that.” This demonstrates what we have learned in class. This is because it is the law enforcement’s job who are apart of the executive branch, to enforce the laws on citizens. He is referring to the fact that everyone has freedom of religion, and his job is to protect that right that is explained in the constitution.

  4. Dear Ms. D,
    (This is only a book recommendation, not a pop culture reference.) There is a book I once read called “Dewey-The Small-Town Library Cat Who Changed The World.” It is about a cat named Dewey who was found in the book return slot at a public library in Iowa, and how he became a part of their community and influenced many people’s lives. I would highly recommend it because it is very touching and teaches about the positive influence of animals.

  5. I like how we got to do the notes by ourselves because we get to go at our own pace. It’s better this way because some people might not get all the notes down and they won’t have something good to study. This is a good way to study without actually knowing it. Having us takes notes like this might help people get better test/quiz scores.

  6. I am reading a book called The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It is about a German family living during the Holocaust. On one page, it mentions a character acting like a tyrant.
    It says “For starters,” he said, “I will take each and everyone of your books – and burn them.” It was callous. “I’ll throw them in the stove or the fireplace. He certainly was acting like a tyrant, but it was necessary. “Understand?”
    Here is the link to the author, Markus Zusak’s website:

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