1. In social studies this year we are learning about hatred, crimes and death caused by selfish, ungrateful people. Some of us americans lost hope in a better society and forget how to live. Much of what we see on tv is distracting us from the jail cells we live in. Dictators free themselves and enslave the people even though it seems like we are whats holding our government together. Most of whats left of the good in humanity is in old films that taught our ancestors the meaning of life itself. Some speeches on these old films have taught even more. Sure martin Luther king taught us how to respect opposite races and John F Kennedy made us understand how it is possible to do the impossible and Walt disney showed us that our childhood never leaves us but none of these speeches change how we actually look at our governments or high authority. In a old film made by Charlie Chaplin there is a speech that literally points out the rights and wrongs in society most people leave unnoticed. We may think we are in the land of the free but we really aren’t. In this post I will give a link to the speech itself. It is also known as the greatest speech ever made to humanity. The video is 3 minutes long and teaches a message to all who watch it. Thank you. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CsgaFKwUA6g

  2. Hi Mrs. D this is what I was telling you about in class, please note that there is some language in this video which isn’t school appropriate. I wanted to show you this because it shows the student’s freedom of speech and how he says “this is the future of this nation” and he was standing up for his education. Some background on this was that he dropped out of school and came back to persue his education and he was upset that the teacher wasn’t properly teaching him and the other students. Once again there is some bad language so we wont be able to watch in class, but we was exercising his freedom of speech such as saying “this is my education” and “We are the future of this country,” thanks for reading if you want to see the video here is the link: http://youtu.be/zAsTXtowZVQ

  3. Hello mrs Digangi. As you can see the world around us is changing scientifically and technologically. During the revolutionary war us humans did not have the medical care that we have today including technology, luxury and science. We may not realize it but we are one of the most luckiest people to ever live in civilization to live during this time period of extreme beneficial change. Scientists have predicted that AI (artifical intellegence aka a thinking computer), self driving cars, hover cars, hover trains and gene manipulation are to clash into this world by 2025-2050. To show the beginning of this amazing change I will post two videos in this post for you or someone whos interested to watch. The videos are about 3 minutes long and one is in Japanese translated to english (japan is the leading source of new technology unlike america or other innovational countries). One more thing, both videos are appropriate and do not contain any offensive or strong language.

  4. On Netflix I was watching a Family Guy episode, “Living on a Prayer.” This episode’s plot included a part of an amendment that was in the Bill of Rights slideshow we reviewed today in class. I am referring to the section that says that people are not allowed to deprive their children of basic needs. In this episode of Family Guy, Louis was concerned for her son’s friend who was dying of cancer. The child’s parents were against seeking medical help for their child for he would be cured with their religion/beliefs. Although, I am confused as to why Joe, the cop, would say that this is not illegal for his parents to not get him medical treatment. Otherwise, todays slideshow reminded me of this particular episode.

    Alaina, N per

  5. Hello mrs.D, I miss your class :D. Currently I have no history class in Cherokee. I will be coming in to visit, if I feel friendly.

  6. This review game actually allowed me to understand the Consitution. I didn’t really get what we were learning about until I played this game at home 2 times. I think making games is a good review and a fun way for people to learn and understand what people are learning about

  7. The review game as so helpful today! I played it over and over again and got them all right eventually! Thank you for supplying us with all these useful resorces! Thank You!

    Melissa C Period

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