This homework assignment is a simple and and fun way to practice digital literacy (reading and writing in social studies using digital tools) while sorting information into the following categories: PEGS.  HW = 4 points

EXTRA CREDIT: Who said, “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

Leave a Comment on THIS POST.  You must INCLUDE YOUR CLASS PERIOD, LABEL each category, and write in complete sentences to earn credit.

Imagine yourself 10 years in the future and answer the following questions:


Who is in charge? 

What type of citizen will you be in 10 years?  Will you vote in elections? Why or Why not? 

ECONOMY: How will you make a living?


Where do you live? Region?

Describe the environmental factors/ecosystem of your town/city (i.e., climate). 

Why did you choose to live in this region? 


What is your educational background (school/ degree/major/apprenticeship)? 

What type of home do you live in and describe your family life. 

What transportation do you use?

What type of food do you cook/take out? 

What is your prized possession? 

How do you communicate with others?

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  1. Political : I think from 10 years from now there will maybe be girl president of the United States . I think it will happen since Obama is the first African American president for the United States of America

    Economy: I’m probably going to be working at the mall and work at a store called Hot topic. or if that does not work I would want to be an artist since I am really good at art . what I like about hot topic is that there is nice people who work there . And I know I would love to be an artist to it would be cool since that’s my best talent

    Geograhy I will maybe live in Philly so I could start my own art school and so I can go to see all the bands that I like and meet them when they perform in Philly . I hope people go to Philly and see my art store and all my art work and drawings I think my mom will visit me

    Society I do not really know I think I want to study art schools so I get more better with my art ideas and skills and so I can sale my artwork and make money and buy more band merch and go to concerts .

  2. Political-I think there’s going to be a president with the same rules there are now for the United States.i most likely won’t vote in elections because I don’t think it matters who runs the state as long as they do there job and take care of our country.
    Economy-I will make a liveing by holding a steady job that will most likely be easy until I find something better
    Geography-I will live in New Jersey because I have no friends or family in any other state
    Society-I will etend college and have my own car I don’t eat out much so I’ll shop every couple weeks I’ll communicate with others through phones and internet.

  3. For political in ten years I predict that the president of the united states of america will be in charge. I will participate in elections because I want to choose my leader. In ten years I will be an active participating citizen. For economy I will make a living by being a contractor in construction. For geography I will live in Philadelphia in Abington or Willow Grove. It would be very arm in the summer and very cold in the winter. For society I would have an apprenticeship of being a brick layer. I would use a heavy duty truck for transportation, and I would either have a close friend or a girlfriend, but no wife or kids. I would either live in an apartment or a house. I would eat a bunch of lunch meat, pizza, and WAWA foods and hoaiges. I would communicate with others by visiting at there house or taking the out to dinner.

  4. P:Obama charge the person how is in control of Ollie what happen. I wolbe in 10 years a truck driver. I wol voat in the election

  5. Economy
    I would probably will make money by being involve with the criminal justice system.

    when I get older I would like to live in Florida because I have a couple of family members down there and I hear that it’s very hot mostly everyday during the fall, winter, spring and summer and I wouldn’t have to worry about being here in New Jersey during the winter when it snows a lot.

    For my education I want to go to Syrucuse for criminal justice system and earn my masters degree. I would like to live in a pretty sizable house with my wife and 2 kids. I would have a car to get around for transportation. I would only eat food at home I would never do take out, maybe I’ll eat out at like a fancy restaurant. I will communicate to others respectfully.

  6. Politicial: I believe in 10 years we will have a female president. I believe this because after a while it will eventually happen just like how Obama is the first African American president for America
    Economy: I’m probably going to earn my money by becoming a cop. I would like this because becoming a cop runs in my family. I would also want to become a cop because it seems like a cool job and always wanted to be one since I was little.
    Geography: I am probably going to move to New York. I’ve always wanted to live there. I think it’s because it’s the opposite of New Jersey. New York is also the city were u get discovered in and that’s another reason I want to move there.
    Society: I’m not sure what I want to major yet but I want to got to Michigan State. I want to go to Michigan state because Nic, Erhan and I want to go there so we can go to the same school

  7. Political: In 10 years I think we will still have the same legal system we have today. The president will be in charge. I hope that by then we will have had a female president. I think it would help with gender equality in our country. I am unsure if I will vote in elections. I have not made a decision yet.
    Economy: I hope to make a living as a choreographer or dance teacher.
    Geography: I will live in New Jersey, not too far from Marlton. I know it’s cold in the winter but I can manage. I chose to live in this region because I pretty much know my way around and I want to be close to my family.
    Society: I hope to go to Pace University in New York with a major in dance. I will live in a medium-sized house with a husband and possibly children. I will own a car for transportation. I will cook whatever I have the time to make. My prized possession is my college degree. i communicate with others through electronic and face-to-face conversation.

  8. Political
    In ten years I think a republic candidate is going to be in charge. When I’m older I want to be a good citizen. I will go to vote for elections because it’s another vote towards the person I think will be the best to run my country.
    I will be living by maybe getting into modeling and if that does not work out I will get a job that intrests me so I can live and get around.
    Ill will be living in a apartment or a condo. I will probably try to live in the city or in Florida. I wouldn’t warn to live there for the warm climate. It will be warm, there will be rain sun and snow if I live in the city. I chose ro live in this region because you get a little bit of everything. You experience winter, spring, summer , and fall.
    I want to go to the university of Delaware. I want to either get a degree in science or math. My major is going to be physical therapy or physical education. Learning about all sports their injuries how to coach them all everything else about sports. I want to livw in a apartment or condo with my cats and dog and if I have one my boyfriend or just my close friends. Ill either drive everywhere or if I live in the city take a cab, bus or subway. I will cook at my home so I can have a healthy nutritious meal every time. I will use my phone to text message, email, and calling anyone if I need them. My prized possession will probably be something my mother gives me because I won’t be seeing her as often as I use to; every time I see it I will think of her and all the great times we had together I will miss her but that object she gave me will make me never forget all those fun memories we had together.

  9. In 10 years I will be a responsible citizen. In 10 years there will be a first lady president like in 2008 our first African American president was elected as president.

  10. Political:
    IN ten years there will be no president, we will be an independent country. There will be a council who makes all the decisions based on what the people want.
    I will make a living by being a Navy Commander, then when my term is up work in music.
    In ten years I don’t plan on living where I want. I plan on following where my job will go. Almost like a nomad.
    In ten years I will be finished getting my Masters degree in a Naval Academy. I will live where my job takes me, I will have a Ford Mustang, lastly, I would communicate by texting and calling others.

  11. The person who is in charge right now is the president of the United States Barack Obama. Honestly, I have no idea who will be in charge in 10 years. Thee is a good chance that a president will be in charge but the reality is we don’t know.

    I live in New Jersey in the North east part of the United States. Our climate is a mix between hot and cold climates. We are surrounded by Forrest’s and a high income town. I will live in a suburb preferable a single family home I would like to have a wife and a kid.

    I will have a bachelors degree in aviation to be able to become a pilot for the Air Force in the military. The food I will cook will be mostly asian food because I like the sweet tangy taste of the spices and what not. My most prized possession will be my Rubik’s cube because it represents months and years to commit to solve it. By having that I will learn to commit to things I love not just things I hate. I communicate to others verbally as well as texting so with that I am balanced at at everything because I need these skills to fly an airplane for a living.

  12. Political: the president will be in charge. Yes i will vote in every election because i want to be apart of what happens in our country.

    Economy: i will still be in college in ten years because i will be getting my law degree.

    Geography: While i am in college i will be living on campus at whatever law school i go to.

    I will do that because it will be easiest to get to all of my classes

    Society: i will visit my family as much as possible

    I will drive a silver camaro with black racing stripes

    I will use my iPhone X(10) to communicate with my family and friends and business

    My prized possession will be my car

  13. I hope by ten years we will have a woman president. I will vote because as a U.S. citizen, it will be a right of mine to help in the picking of someone who will be running our country. By the age of 24 I will still be in collage pursuing the dream of becoming an marine biologist. I will hopefully have a job that will help me with my everyday life in collage. I don’t know what collage I would like to go to but I do know that when I’m finished with collage I will be living Australia. It should be very hot in Australia so I would need to wear light clothing. I chose to live in this area for all the sun and the clear ocean water. I will be living in an apartment because it will only be me living there. I will be cooking my own food because taking out take out can be to much money. My prised possession would have to be my first collage degree. Hopefully I will have a car to take from place to place. I am going to be friendly to people in collage because it is always good to make new friends.

  14. Polital- It would be the same government. I would be a mother with 2 kids. Yes, i would 10 vote because you always want to vote for the right person so you dont have someone bad taking over.

    Economy- i would be making alot of money, and i would become a writer or do somekind of poetry.

    Geography- i would live in new jersey or flordia, like somewhere where it is hot. I would chose to live in this place because it would be hot and you can wear shorts and stuff without worrying about the snow.

    Society – i would go to school in new jersey but when im done with school amd everything i will move down to flordia or somewhere that is hot or like warm. I wouldnt go somewhere thats really hot like steamy because i dont want to start sweating alot. I would be living in a condo. I would have a husband and 2 kids or i could have kids. You never know what happens. But i definitely want 2 kids. And we would have some dogs you know pets for the kids. It would be a lovely family that i would have to keep in check. I would have 2 cars so in case one car breaks down i have a back up so thats great. And i would also that bikes for the little kids my little babies. My prize poisson would be my phone because i cant live without it at all. I would communicate with other by emails or just texting and calling like i always do. It would be really cool of you can just yell out the person name and just have a conversation that way that would be amazing.

  15. Political:
    There will still be a president. I will not participate in elections. I don’t pay attention to politics now so I most likely won’t in the future.
    When I grow up I want to make a living by programming electronic devices.
    I would like to keep living in New Jersey. In the winter usually there is a little snow but not too much, and in summer it is more than warm enough for me.
    I want to be at/graduating a college for Computer Programming. I will live in an apartment with no wife or kids yet. I might have a car depending on how close the stores are. I will have whatever take out food is nearby. My prized possession will be my computer because I will use it all the time for programming. I will communicate with others by texting, and calling.

  16. Political:

    – I believe that I 10 years we will still have a president leading our country, just the same as it is today.

    – I will be a voting citizen because it is my duty as a citizen of America to pick who leads our country.


    – in 10 years I hope to be making a living as a lawer. After I get through my schooling that is.


    – I will probably still live in New Jersey, unless my work will take me somewhere else.


    – my educational background will consist of high school, college, and law school.

    – I will live in a medium sized home, a regular modern style home, I have no intention to get married so early either, I would like to start my life first and get out into the world before I start a family.

    – for transportation I would prefer by car, an Audi preferably.

    – for food I will be trying to eat healthy and take care of myself to have a healthy life in the future.

    – I’m an not sure about a prized possession though, only time will tell.

    – for communication I will use my phone an computer to stay socially with people.

  17. Political:
    The president will still be in charge along with the congress and the senate. I will be a cooperative citizen that will vote so I can have a say in my government.

    I will make a living from the NHL. I hope to become a professional hockey player and make quite a bit of money. At least 10,000

    I will probably live in a city somewhere. I will live in an apartment in that city. The reason I’ll do this is because while I play hockey, I might get traded to another area. So, if I live in an apartment, I could move easier.

    I will probably like to be married and have kids while I’m older. I’m going to graduate from either St. Agustine HS or St. Joseph’s HS. If I do want to college, I will go to Boston University because they are well known for their hockey programs.

  18. In 10 years from now I think there will be a very intelligent president in charge of our country. I will vote because I would like a say for who runs us. I will make a living by finding good paying put not permanent jobs until I find the one I want to work at for awhile. I will live in New Jersey because it’s the place I grew up in even though the winters are cold I still know my way around and I’m comfortable around here. I will have gone to college, I will live in a modern sized house I will want to have at most 2 kids with pets. I will drive around in a ford explorer which in that car I will go and pick up some Chinese food and Pancheros. My prized possession would be the necklaces my grandma gave to me when she passed away they mean a lot to me and I will communicate to others by verbally talking or texting them.

  19. Political:

    The president will be in charge with help form the Supreme Court and congress. I will be a loyal, honest and, respectful citizen. I will vote in elections because I’d like to have a say who runs the country


    For my job I’ll be a pro golfer. There’s good money and I love golf. Also maybe me and tiger woods could be fiends. Who is a great role model


    I will live in Hawaii because it’s always nice there and there’s a lot golf courses. It will be laid back town and everyone will be to nice each other. There would be a lot of plants and trees in the neighborhood to look nice. And lastly it’s Hawaii who wouldn’t wanna live there


    After going to Harvard for my masters which will be my last education I will win the PGA. I would live in a giant house will dophin fountains in front yard. I’ll have a bugati that I take out on Sundays and two limos one black and one god that will transport me to my destinations. I would communicate by holograms and have a private chef cook me whatever I want. My prized possession will be my car and my kids.

  20. In 10 years I think we will have our first women president. Today women are very successful and I think that soon one day we will have one. For example Hillary Clinton is very successful and I think will be the first female president. In 10 years when I have the chance to vote I will. I wanna have a partial say in who the president or whoever I’m voting for is in charge. I will make a living playing professional baseball with a family and kids living a somewhat happy life. I would be fine with living here. I love living in Marlton or even overall New Jersey. I like how the weather changes so your not just stuck with the same temperature every single day. I also like living near the people i grew up with. I would attend Florida university to play baseball and hopefully get drafted into the MLB. I would like to live in an average home and have a lot of things. I would drive a Grand cherokee and my prized possession would be my family. The food I would eat would be whatever my family likes. I would also communicate nicely with others.

  21. Hi Ms. Digangi, the other day my mom was “The Good Wife” and it reminded me of the 4th amendment. A police officer pulled over a car and said “I can see pot sticking out of your car, so I have probable cause to search your trunk.” Right as I heard the police officer say that I remembered it was the 4th amendment.

  22. Political: In 10 years when I am 24 I see a very smart Republican being our country’s president. In 10 years I’ll be a responsible citizen and I’ll be active in the community. I will vote because it is my responsibility to help decide who leads our country.
    Economy: in ten years I’d like to be a professional baseball player on the either the Seattle Mariners or New York Yankees.
    Geography : I’d live up north in Seattle. It rains there a lot but I think I’d be able to get past it. It snows up in the mountains there so ud snowboard in the winter. I’ve always just had an eye for Seattle.I’ve never been there but I’d like to go one day.
    Society: My education will be 4 years at Florida State, Florida state has a great baseball program and they tend to produce many professional players.
    I’d live in an inter city condo or penthouse in the city because I dislike the wilderness. I’d get around by a personal chauffeur or a nice Lamborghini Spyder. With my family I plan to have we’d eat like a normal family nothing overly expensive, we’d go out about once a month to a nice restaurant. My prized possession would probably be a lucky bat or a nice decoration sword. I’d communicate with others by social media, text, or if the technology is around, hologram.

  23. political: I think that in ten year a new president will be in charge of our lives, and I think there is a chance for a girl to became a president. I think I do have to right to vote as long as I’m in this country.
    Economy: I will be graduate from school, and I hope I have the opportunity to make a living by doing what I want to do.
    Geography: I don’t think I will be living in NJ in ten years, I hope I can go to somewhere that is vibrant and peaceful. I hope the scenery are beautiful.
    Society: I’m not sure what collage or university I will be in ten years, nut I’m sure that I will be major in science or mathematics.Because I think it’s very useful in everyday life. I will be 24 after ten years, I don’t think I will be married because I don’t have the ability to take care of another person. I think I will drive my own car to go to work in ten years. I like to eat Chinese foods , and I know how to make them, too. My prized possession will be my car in ten tears and I will connect my friends with my phone or the computer.

  24. Political: The president is in charge since I do not believe the U.S. would change from the democracy we have now in a mere 10 years. I would be an average citizen who wouldn’t interfere without the country on a national level. I will not vote in elections since I have the choice not to and I do not believe my single vote will make a big enough difference since there is pretty much a set winner after a certain point in the elections.

    Economy: I will make a living through my own bussiness and rationing money by living without many luxuries.

    Geography: I would most likely move to Alaska for a while until I felt I wanted to move back and settle down. Rural area where I would build my own house and then a nice, comfortable town house where I could build a family. The cold climate would probably keep me from getting certain jobs, however I would plan to live off the land while in Alaska. I chose to live hear because I like survival and would like to experience a real life scenario.

    Society: I would live in a simple town house most likely off set and with a pool for recreation. I would live with my partner at the time and would most likely not have kids at this time. I would use my car and try and stay active by riding a bike and running when possible. I would try and cook as much as possible and when I couldn’t I would stop at restaurants so we don’t have to eat unhealthy choices. My prizes possession would probably be something with sentimental value between me and my partner. I would communicate through speaking and modern day alternatives such as cellular devices.

  25. Political: The person in charge of our government in 10 years will be the president elected by the people of the country.
    The type of citizen that I will be is one that is active within society. I will vote in elections to have my say in our country.

    Economy: I will make a living by having a job that i enjoy such as a teacher or engineer.

    Geography: In 10 years, I will be living in Florida in the South Region.
    The environment of my town will be constantly warm and lots of ocean area around me.
    I would live here because I enjoy warm weather constantly and would love living right near the beach!

    Society: The educational background that I will have is a Master’s degree from The College of New Jersey.
    My house will be an average size home that i share with my husband, daughter and pets.
    My transportation will be my Volkswagen Jetta to get anywhere i need to go.
    The type of food i cook will be lots of spaghetti and meatballs and I will order lots of Chinese food for take out.
    My prized possession will be my family.
    I will communicate with others by any social networks that exist, texting, e-mailing, phone calling, and face to face conversation.

  26. Political: I think that we will have a president who will switch over the government to a democracy instead of a federal republic. I think this because the democrats appeal more to the younger audiences than the GOP.
    Economic: in ten years I hope I will be a mechanical engineer they usually make $89,000 to $100,000 a year which is a fairly average and enough to live off of.
    Geometry: I hope to live in the south or at least one of the red states like Georgia, Texas, or South Carolina. Its usually hot and dry in those places, except for South Carolina, and it would be a nice change of pace from New Jerseys cold and snow then hot temperatures. I would like to move there because they’re less crowded than New Jersey and are more open to the kind of hobbies and jobs I would like to do/have.
    Society: I would like to graduate from the United States Naval Accadamy and get my masters degree for mechanical engineering and serve in the Navy or Marines as an officer for a few years. I hope to live in a medium sized house in the country. I would probably drive a Jeep Wrangler to drive around in. My most prized possession would probably my great grandfathers hunting shotgun which has been passed down from my family ever since he died. I would communicate by talking and using the phone. And I would probably order Chinese food.
    Extra Credit: Ben Franklin


    I think that in 10 years, we will have a female president. I will make a good citizen, and vote in elections. It is our right as citizen to vote in elections. By voting, I get to have my say.


    I will be an athletic trainer.


    I think that in 10 years I will still be living in NJ.

    In NJ we get all 4 seasons of weather.

    My friends and family are in NJ and I like going to the beach in the summer time.


    In 10 years I will just be finishing up college with a degree as an athletic trainer.

    I will live in a house, but not have a family yet.

    I will have my own car and drive a truck.

    I will eat a clean diet of healthy foods.

    My prized possession will be my ipad and dog.

    Using my cell phone, texting, and facetime.

  28. Political: I believe we will have a male president. I don’t think that presidency will go to a female. Men and women will most likely be treated the same.
    Economy: I think in 10 years I will be either playing tennis, working with computer software, or I will be an accountant.
    Geography: I will either be in Europe or I will be in Boston. Both these places are really beautiful and have great ski mountains.
    Society: I hope in 10 years I will have graduated from Stanford. They are really good in schoolwork and sports.

  29. Political:
    In years, I predict that the US will still be a democracy. I will vote, so that, I can have a say in how my government is run.
    in ten, years, I will be twenty three years old. I don’t think I’ll have the best job… Probably just, something simple, part time. I’m going to go for a more extensive degree in college, so I won’t have time for a full time job.
    Well… I hope to be living in Georgia, so I can go to Emory university.
    I will have graduated from Emory university in ten years. I’ll need. Living in a format room. I’ll probably have the cheapest car I can get, along with the cheapest food. I’ll need keeping in touch with my family in NJ.

  30. political
    1. I think that the world will have changed by then and we will be governed by a female democratic.
    2.I wanna be the type of citizen who is known for doing good, i will vote. I am going to vote because if I don’t then i still have right to not like the choice.
    1.I will hopefully be making a living off my photography but my backup plan is to become a defense attorney or a teacher.
    1. I am going to live in New Hampshire and i’m not going to be apart of a religion.
    2. In new Hampshire i want to move close to Nashua but still near to the forest because its so beautiful but no so far that it takes a while to get near any stores.
    3.i chose to live in this region because i know it not as well as i know new jersey but good enough that i would be OK starting off + its beautiful.
    1.I want to go to UNH and get a major in something law and minor in photography.
    2. I will be living in an apartment with friends and i will probably still be dating and there shouldn’t be a kid in the picture.
    3. I will probably drive in winter and ride my bike in summer.
    4. Um i will still be n debt from college so my meals wont be to extravagant. So if i had to say like ham sandwiches and top ram-en and water.
    5.My prize posse ion will definitely be my camera.
    6. i will communicate with my mouth and phone.
    and thomos jefferson aid the extra credit

  31. Society: I’m going to have a masters degree in language and law
    I will live in a massion and my family life will be very chill and school
    i will have the most popular car
    i will use my cell phone to communicate

  32. Political I say the government will stay the same also i don’t think i will vote if i vote its because i’m probably agreeing with the candidate.
    Economy I say i’m probably make my money working part time or something like those lines.
    Geography im probably going to stay here in new jersey for probably a little while longer.
    Society i don’t know what i want to major in yet but im going to college and im probably going to live in a regular house i don’t knew if i want to marry yet and my way of transportation is probably going to be a car,and since i don’t know if m going to have a family i might not cook for them,i don’t really have one but most likely it would be my friends, lastly im probably going to communicate by talking to texting to my family/friends

  33. for political- I think that in ten years a girl will be the president. I will be a responsible citizen. I will vote in elections because I would like to have a say in who controls my country.
    for economy- I will make a living by getting job that pays a lot of money so I can be successful
    for geography- I would like to move to California when I am older. In California, it gets hot during the summer and mild/cool during the winter. I chose to live in California because I like the lifestyle that everyone lives out there. I can relate to it a lot. For example, everyone is healthy and active. Since there it is hotter, people can get outside a lot more. Also parts of of California is know for their style or fashion. I love fashion so it would be cool to live there and be inspired from what is around me.
    For society- I would like to go to college and major in Visual Communications. This major could help me become a stylist, buyer or something in the fashion industry. I would be living in a normal size house with my 3 kids. I would drive a car based on my succession. If I make a lot of money, I hope to have a Mercedes or Range Rover. But if I don’t, I would like a bmw. My car would be white with tan interior inside. My family would eat healthy. I would cook a home-cooked meal or sometimes take out. I am not sure what my prized possession would be. As of right now, I think it will be my wedding ring. I would keep in touch with others by talking through the phone or in person. In 10 years, this is how I picture myself.

  34. (For political) In ten years I predict that the president of the united states of america will be in charge. I will participate in elections because I want to choose my leader. In ten years I will be an active participating citizen. For economy I will make a living by selling burritos and a stand up comedian. For geography I will live in California in the western region. It will be very hot and dry as if I was in a desert. I would choose to live in this region because I love warm climate’s. For society I would have a doctorates degree in zoology and in electronics. I would live in a old Mexican style house and my family life would be a very social and interactive family. For transportation I would use trains. I would have Mexican food take out. My prized possession would be my family. I would communicate with others by hand gestures and verbal speaking.

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