Happy Birthday, Blog! You’re 4!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.14.59 PMWe started our blog in 2010 with a very enthusiastic 8th grade class (The Class of 2010). They are now Seniors in HS. EXTRA CREDIT: Do you know any current Seniors or Juniors that graduated from Yellow? Get them to post a comment on the blog telling us that YOU sent them and you will earn points. The class with the most points will get a treat!

The Class of 2014 is the 5th 8th grade class to use the blog to post pop culture connections, review lessons, watch videos, and leave comments. Additionally, 25,388 global visitors navigated our blog. Do you want to “Celebrate like it’s 1607:Colonial Style?” We will set a date in class to bring in Colonial foods using authentic recipes. Volunteers will earn extra credit. Stay tuned because recipes will be distributed in class. To honor our blog’s birthday, do you think we should adopt a virtual pet? Post a comment and let us know what you think.
Thank you global guests, students and staff for sharing your learning on our blog.
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61 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog! You’re 4!

  1. Hey Ms D, it’s Allie D from 8th yellow social studies. I’m a freshman in college now (can you believe that?!?), I never got a chance to use this blog when I was in your class but it looks awesome! You were always the teacher who utilized technology most to make education fun, interactive and interesting! I miss you and your class lots!! Mia D from C period sent me here. 🙂

  2. Hey yes I do think we should get a virtual pet the pet I think we should get is a baby hippo they are adorable

  3. Hi Ms. Digangi! Ethan L from D period sent me here to comment. I have retained interest in social studies and civic responsibility ever since I left your class, and I soon hope to find a program that centers around these subjects. Thanks for the resources and environment your class provided to help me discover my passions, I hope they impact Ethan and your other students as much as they impacted me!

  4. Hi Mrs. D! Kyle from U period sent me here to comment. You taught me last year and this year everything you taught me is coming back up in US History 1. Happy birthday to the conch:)

  5. I think we should get a online class pet and it’s should be a pig for piggy from LOTF.

  6. This is Jordan K posting on behalf of Caroline in N. I was in your class last year and I always loved it!

  7. hello it’s Nicole and I’m writing due to amy in n pd! social studies was really fun when I took it in 8th grade and it keeps getting better. it’s cool to learn about history and how events that have happened long ago shaped our world!

  8. Hi Ms. Digangi,
    I was sent to the blog by Melissa Z. I’m Danielle Z, I am a yellow hall graduate. I enjoyed your class, and loved commenting on this website!

  9. This is Aaron k posting for Brianna in c period. I’m a sophomore and yellow hall was the best hall ever. You were the best teacher ever!

  10. Hi Ms DiGangi! I was sent here by Victoria in N. I am a yellow house graduate. The blog was so cool and i miss our class!

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