Click on each link or view the Google Doc below to view Chester Comics that will help you understand each topic and correspond with the CLOSE THE GAPS:

How did Britain Win the French and Indian War? 

Pontiac’s Uprising/Who Paid for the French and Indian War?

What was the Boston Massacre?







  1. Hi Ms. DiGangi, I do enjoy History it is one of my favorite subjects :P, don’t worry I’ll study a lot 😀

  2. Hello again Mrs. digangi. In class today I was interested in the so called “prapaganda” we all viewed. It may not seem like it to some citizens but propaganda is all around us. In our TV, in our cities, in our internet and much more. Propaganda only holds one purpose, to control. When you see a Mcdonalds commercial the commercial is designed to control your appitite. American Eagle tries to control our clothing options and opinions. Android tries to control our choice and opinion of phones. If you may have wondered why people in commercials for medecine with grave side affects are smiling its because the company wants to control the public to choose their product no matter how grave the effects may be. But there are some companies who do actually care about there custumers. For example, Apple, Apple truley tries to satisfy their custumers and show that they actually do care for them and the Earth. You may buy from a company but that does not mean they are your best friend. Propaganda can be used in many different ways but it should be used for the truth and not lies.

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    So far I think the plan is a very well start. I really hope we can fix the storage crisis immediately so history class can function more efficiently. Remember, this is a big problem and the sooner we solve it the sooner iPad advancements can be made.

  4. Hi, I know it is the end of the year but I would like to recommend a game. This game is called Geomatry Dash Lite- this game does not involve math instead it teaches hand and eye coordination. It is fun and at first difficult until you build up your hand and eye coordination. I highly recommend it and it would be nice for next years students to have.

  5. Hi Ms. DiGangi, since we were talking about Veterans in class today it inspired me to share this video with you. It is about a homless veteran who gets a makeover physically and even mentally. This video is appropriate to watch in class in case you wanted to share. Link-

  6. Hello again Mrs. Digangi. Today I finished reading a original and classical book. The book was called “The Book Thief”. While reading the book I noticed that there were many characters that were discriminated because of their religion. This made me think back to the unit where we studied the conquistadors. The cruel ways in which the conquistadors treated the native americans still bothers me to this day. When historians look back to the holocaust they say it is probably the first widely known of genocide. I agree with this but choose to say it is the 2nd widely known forms of genocide caused by cruel beings. The native american genocide wasn’t just widely known by Columbus, citizens in Spain knew what was going on. Yet Columbus carried on with his duties and did not hesitate to put an end to all of those innocent lives. Sadly Columbus did achieve killing thousands of innocent and peaceful native americans. But all we can do now is remember that where we come from does not always start out as beautiful.

  7. Hello Mrs. Digangi. Today in class I was interested in learning about the French and Indian war. What I didn’t understand though is how France and The United Kingdom are right next to each other and today they are now allies. Just like the fact that The United States is a friend of Japan even though we dropped a atomic bomb on them. After being faced with the confusion I did some research and found out that after every peace treaty of awar there is a “cool down” time for the countries to get used to the norm before the war occurred. England did not immediately start trading with France as soon as the war was over. There was a period in which all trading between the countries came to a halt and then trading began again after. I know that France helped the rebels win the Revolutionary War. So with the theory I stated before I believe that France still held a grudge with England from the French and Indian War and wanted to have England lose their precious “colony”. Thank you for reading my comment.

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