63 thoughts on “Are you Smarter than These Adults?

  1. I was most surprised by the amount of people that did not know how many amendments that are in the constitution but knew the exact name of the vice president almost right away.

  2. We were surprised that most of the people didn’t know the basic information of our government. The part that aghast us was when the one girl got the question correct when the others didn’t. She said there were 27 amendments. Also most people knew how many supreme court justices there are

  3. We were surprised for various reasons. One of the reasons was how the majority of american citizens knew almost nothing about the government. They didn’t know the basic information that all american citizens should know. We were also surprised at the dude who said that America has 104 senators. We think that he either couldn’t do math or he didn’t know how many states are in America.

  4. I was surprised at how many of the questions these people got wrong. We know this and we are at least 15 years younger and we know he answer to this. Especially when he didn’t how any states there are.

  5. What surprised us the most was that the guy in the black jacket knew a lot of the answers to the questions he was asked.

  6. One of the adults who answered to the interviewer thought there was told there was 2 senators for each state and still answered 104, not 100. This was surprising and alarming because this man dies not know how many states we have.

  7. It was surprising that these are the older citizens of the United States and they should be setting an example for young citizens. They should at least know the basic facts of our government to be a role model for the minors. It is also unsettling that children possibly know more about our country than the adults that are guessing.

  8. I am a little shocked that not even the people voting for our leaders they dont know who run our country

  9. We thought that it was surprising that almost everyone got the “how many amendments are there” question correct.

  10. We were surprised that one person thought there were 37 senators. As citizens of the United States, we should know how many senators that are representing us.

  11. The thing that surprised us the most was the lady who didn’t know when the Declaration of Independence was signed. She should know when it was signed because it gave us our freedom from the king.

  12. WHat surprised me the most about this video is none of them know any of the supreme court justices

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