6B GT Virtual Expo

Do you want to learn how to volunteer at an animal shelter from home? Watch Gin’s video and learn how to make dog tug toys. This was her 20% Time Project.

Charles learned a lot about circuits and Arduinos for his 20% Time project.

Zoey and Max engineered Bioinspired protective gear for their roller derby client based on a lobster.

Ashley studied Penguins and created an artistic rendering of a penguin for her 20% Time Project.

This video showcases Nic’s 20% Time project, Fluidized Airbed, Liquified sand and Stephen’s Air glider 3D design bioinspired by a monarch butterfly.

Josh loves videography and wants to hone his skills in this year’s 20% Time Project. View his improvement over time.

Arianna and her team engineered armadillo bioinspired protective gear for their roller derby client and then tested it with a 10-gram weight at 5 ft.

Eddie and his team engineered Bioinspired armadillo Protective Gear for their Roller Derby Client and tested its effectiveness using a 10-gram weight at 5 ft.

This video of camouflage fabrics showcases Gabriel’s work.

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