JES GT Expo 2021

Third-grade students in the Gifted and Talented program studied invasive species and took on the role of engineers by developing a problem-solving mindset. Many invasive species can be found in the United States. Some are exclusive to particular areas, while some are more widespread. Students studied the cane toad, an invasive species in Australia and also parts of the United States. How do we stop their spread? Watch our students’ Public Service Announcements to learn how.

Caden, grade 3, Cane Toad PSA

Emily, grade 3, Cane Toad PSA

Emily in grade 3GT displays her love for Endangered Species by coding a Public Service Announcement for her 20% Time Project. She conducted research using National Geographic Kids which she highly recommends and improved her coding skills to teach others about pandas, koalas, manatees, tamarins, rhinos, elephants, and wolves. Click play to learn how you can save these Endangered Species.

Our fourth graders were exposed to the diverse field of materials engineering so they understand the role engineering plays in the world around them. Through the study of Natural Disasters and Aid Drops, students engineered “aid drop packages” that were dropped from an “aircraft,” protected what was inside, and were easy to find once they reached the ground. They created a digital story for their culminating activity including items they think are necessary for human survival in an aid drop.

Ben, grade 4, Digital Story about Thailand, Tsunamis, and Aid Drops

Brielle, grade 4, Digital Story about Thailand, Tsunamis, and Aid Drops

Madison, grade 4, Digital Story about Thailand, Tsunamis, and Aid Drops

During the Pandemic, our Fifth graders took on a real-world problem, the spread of Viruses. They took on the role of public health officials and explored ways to educate the public in order to stop the spread of their self-selected virus. Students were given a high-interest challenge and asked to pose creative solutions to the same problems real engineers face every day. Let us know how they did by leaving them a comment below.

Grace, grade 5, Covid 19 PSA

Samantha, grade 5, AIDS PSA

Vivan, grade 5, Ebola PSA

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