6BH GT Expo

Students in 6BH and 6YH collaborated to organize, plan, gain permission, and eventually, we will plant a Monarch Butterfly Waystation at Marlton Middle School. This is the location, 150 square feet, that was approved by our principal, the head of Buildings and Grounds, and our Business Administrator. Laurel Oaks is also donating the majority of the supplies we need for this Environmental Project! We are so proud of our students! This was part of our Bioinspiration Unit where students chose to become Environmental Engineers and make a change to their environment that would positively impact the Monarchs on their yearly migrations.

Chase’s 20% Time Project focused on learning to 3D design and print while being precise with measurements. Check out the Impossible Box he created below.

Dylan decided to create a galaxy projector. His inquiry question was how can I 3D design and print something that will be useful to me? Check out his screencast below.

For her 20% Time Project, Joyce created an exceptionally beautiful and well-written blog, “Asian Vibes,” to celebrate the Asian Community. Read her posts about, How to Help, Learn New Languages, the song, The Butterfly Lovers, and many more! Click on the photo below to navigate to her blog.

Luke’s 20% Time project focuses on Climate Change and its effects. He learned how to navigate a new digital tool creating and coding his world in 3D.

Shane created Paper Airplanes and wrote about them in a Slideshow for his 20% Time Slideshow.

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