6Y GT Expo 2021

Students in 6BH and 6YH collaborated to organize, plan, gain permission, and eventually, we will plant a Monarch Butterfly Waystation at Marlton Middle School. This is the location, 150 square feet, that was approved by our principal, the head of Buildings and Grounds, and our Business Administrator. Laurel Oaks is also donating the majority of the supplies we need for this Environmental Project! We are so proud of our students! This was part of our Bioinspiration Unit where students chose to become Environmental Engineers and make a change to their environment that would positively impact the Monarchs on their yearly migrations.

Alexa collaborated with her cousin to design, fabricate, experiment, and launch her out-of-this-world bottle rockets! Check out how Alexa uses water and air compression to launch her bottle rockets into the stratosphere!!

Arik cares deeply about the environment. Therefore, he created a solar charger with phone stand for his 20% Time Project.

For Brett’s 20% Time project he 3D designed and printed scaled models of the Solar System. He needed to be mathematically precise and use design thinking while creating his models.

Caden is very passionate about wildlife. His focus for his 20% Time project was Endangered Species and he used his talent to drop bars. Watch Caden’s Rap about Panda Bears and let us know what you will do to help prevent them from becoming extinct.

Comma = pause ACAPELLA, NO MUSIC

There’s this cute little animal, sitting next to bamboo, chomping down on that thing, cuz that’s what they like to do. *setting change* Black and White, cancel the stripes, they are not a zebra, They’re gonna get out of this jam, Imma believa, This jam you may ask, Population for them, is a really tough task, *Setting Change* right now they are vulnerable, they used to be endangered, always on that grind, they have never wavered. *Setting change* They keep on trying, never giving up, why don’t we give them a checkup, not red like the ketchup, *Setting change* swish it like a layup, let’s give them a brushup, cowboy say giddy up, let’s give them some backup, get them to blow up, clean this up like a mop, let’s get the black and white back to, the top! *setting change* They went through one stage, and now they’re on the next, Black and white, just like a typewriters text. Nobody understands them, no one feels bad, I think their lives could be, really really rad if, anyone cared and, understood how bad their lives have been, in their own neighborhood. *setting change* Look at their little body, with their feet sticking out, don’t you just wanna scream and shout? This is the thing, their environment is getting destroyed, man think about how sad they are while they are getting toyed, Thinking about how much they die, makes me wanna cry, my oh my, man I don’t wanna lie, if you don’t get sad, your emotions are really dry. *Setting Change* They got a nice plump belly, shakin it around like some strawberry jelly, Imma, help em’ out, cuz that’s what we do, chillin’ in china sittin’ with my panda crew, eating some bamboo, *Setting Change* cleanin their lives up like some dove shampoo, Panda Bear is 9 letters like a, Kalamazoo, *Setting Change* we need to help out, man our time is due, the new pandas, are gonna make their debut, killin the game, getting the fame, getting some rings, doin their thang, ay, let’s go into, the new, world of theirs, so their lives can be green like some zucchini, or some pears..*Setting Change* You gotta have sympathy, for this cute little thing, look up pictures whether it’s from google, or bing. *Setting Change* If you do have sympathy, you are such a king. I have spread my awareness and I think this rap is done, after this, their future is as bright as the sun.

Ethan chose to remake his 3rd grade 20% Time project in Scratch and make gameplay more intuitive. For example, when you click on a piece to move, a hint shows telling the player where they can and cannot move.

Srinidhi chose to improve her shading technique for her 20% Time project. Listen to her describe the details below.

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