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176 thoughts on “How to Comment

  1. I think the clip on Mr.G: Titanic was SO funny,but in some parts i didnt get but,I was told he was a comedian and i watch comedy central and i have never saw or heard of him.Social studies is fun and I like learning about history and wars. So i hope this year we will learn about wars and etc…But in places I really dont understand it, but i really think and try. I am also happy of my grade a 92 thats good i was sadly thinking i was going to get less but i didnt.

  2. I love social studies because the awesome iPads. There are really helpful if someone can’t see the board from where they are sitting. Also they are loads of fun.

  3. hello wow this is so cool blogging and all. i think that the blog is a good idea for us to write down how we feel about social studies. i think this year is gonna be so cool. social studies is really a good subject to learn. now we can learn about stuff that only seemed to happen a couple years ago.

  4. Hey Ms.Digangi,
    That note taking system you have us doing is really helpful. Its deffinitly a change from writting down every little bit of information. Now i know what i need word for word, and what i can paraphrase.

  5. I love using the ipads.Social Studies is going to be so much more fun. I cant wait to play the games and do more stuff on them.

  6. Hey Ms. D guess what? Today my family was talking about WW1 and I thought back to class about what you told us. My family was impressed they dident think I knew that! Anyway bye Ms. D

  7. I know that the blog will help me out when I forget things, or things aren’t clear. I am also excited to use the pop culture points to raise my grade.

  8. I like Social studies as the class it is now but its just a bit more interesting.We use ipads and are able to learn so much more from the internet versus the books. Sorry blue hall, no offense, but HAHA we have ipads. I think this year will be a good year with two great teachers and alot of new technology !!! I hope we use the ipads alot this year. I wish we had them all thru middle school. Since kids are more interested in electronics I think we will learn more & will pay attention more.

  9. these ipads make this class so much fun. Now because we have these ipads I can finally say social studies is my favorite subject. Alos, now i won’t be bored about learinig about histroy in my life other than last year.

  10. In class we watched the lion king and it helped us understand something in life. When we rafiki said “you can run from your past or learn from it”. This reminds me of 9/11. Ever since that incident the U.S airports have really been serious because we don’t want something like that ever happening again.

  11. Hi Ms. D In social studies we learned about learning from the past. I can relate from that because a lot of times I get a bad grade but usually I learn from it and do better next time..

  12. in social studies we watched a lion king video about how to learn from the past. i used to study the day of the test on the bus. i eventually learned that studying that way lead me to fail every test. so i started to study the previouse week which lead me to get good grades. thats my connection about learning from the past.

  13. In class we talked about the lion king. Im making a connection about this because when i was 10 i wasn’t that good at baseball. I realized it and asked my Dad to focus on taking me to the batting cages more and that made me a better baseball player!

  14. in social studies we were talking about being able to learn from your past or run from it. my connection to this HOM is that one day i yelled at my soccer coach so he wouldnt let me play at our next game. Since i wasnt aloud to play my team was 1 person short of being able to play and we had to fortfit the game. i learned from this that i have to respect people even though i dont want to sometimes.

  15. Helllo Ms. D! in class we watched lion king…you could run from the past or learn from it. all through my life i have learned from my mistakes, and i maybe ran from a few throughout my life. I haven’t really thought about it, but i probably live by this quote without even knowing.

  16. social studies has always been my favorite class. but using ipads. is going to make it more fun.

  17. Social studies is becoming easier to me. This blog is safe and easy to use. Social studies is going to be fun this year.

  18. I like using the Ipad in class. Now we have better technology in classes. I think using the blog will being intresting too. How do I get extra credit.

  19. i can relate when the lion king monkey said not to run from our loses but to learn from them to this weekend. my football team lost miserably and the best thing i can do is learn from it to improve rather than be upset and not get over the loss

  20. The Ipads are a real plus in Social Studies class. The are going to help us learn and is also going to make it a lot easier. That is why i like the Ipads.

  21. Social Studies is one of my favorite classes now. I never thought that we would use ipads in class. Now note taking is fun and easy.

  22. I  social studies it’s soooooooooo much fun I’m posting this from my iPad at home!

  23. In class we talked about the lion king and how you can run from the past or learn from it. i have a connection to make! When I was first riding a bike i kept falling off because i couldn’t keep my balance! once i started to learn from the past i came up with possible ways that would help me to keep my balance! So as you can see the past can be valuable and help you succeed in the future! that’s a connection i made from social studies.

  24. Anthony D period

    The iPads are awesome. Last year we didn’t get to use these awesome iPads. I think it’s awesome.

  25. Ryan D period
    Last year I got an a plus in social studies. I hope this year to get another one. I am starting to like history because we are using I pads now. I think this year is going to be slot of fun. I love the iPads they are great I am so happy I don’t evn have an I pod touch and now I have an iPad at school

  26. This website is very helpful. I plan to use it often. I love using the IPads in Social Studies class!

  27. This blog is a very easy way to catch up on our lesson plans. Now I’m super happy that whenever I’m absent I can go onto the blog instead of going to all my classes to pick up my work. Love the iPads too! Thanks for this amazing opportunity to be a successful student!

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