F ReeLaND versus LaWLaND

We started our Civics unit by exploring “HoW We GoT HeRe.”   The Enlightenment opened our journey and we will discover the KeY To JoHN LoCKe and the roots of our republic.  Check out our slideshow and make pop culture connections on our latest wall below. dO wE nEEd A gOvErnmEnt? View more presentations from bkind2animals. Read More…


Review the slideshow below and check our vodpod widget for the video clips that stimulated discussion. WHY HiSTORY MATTeRS View more presentations from bkind2animals. GOT PoP CuLTurE? Click “post a sticky” and double click anywhere on the wall.

We Are Gloggers

Check out Matt’s (C pd) glog on the Declaration of Independence. This is the first time we’ve used glogster, an interactive online poster site. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.