Education in a “Nutshell”

UCLA squirrels star in the best video metaphor for learning! ENJOY!

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  1. Hi Mrs. D i was watching this video with my little brother and he made a really great connection. He said that the mommy squirl reminded him of me and the baby squirl was him.He pointed out all the times i helped him like the mommy squirl did with the baby. He said that since the baby squirl didnt give up he shouldnt eather. Soo Cute.

  2. My connection is with this lady her and her family got seperated because of the government in Burma. She now is a long neck who lives in Thailand. With the Thai tribes. Her mother and father are seperated from her eather in CHINA OR SWITZERLAND. Her brother and sister I think are living with her in Thailand.

  3. I wanted to make a connection to the car crash video. There was this guy acting like a teenage girl. While texting and driving he crashed into another car thankfully the lady was still putting groceis in her car or she would of died.

  4. This video reminds me how we need to perservere in life if we want to succeed. The adult squirrel and the baby squirrel made it their goal that day to get baby squirrel over the wall. As many times as baby squrrel watched its mom, he still couldn’t make it over the wall. Some local bystanders then put some bags down to help baby get over the wall. Baby looked around him and used resource around him to help him succeed in getting over the wall. This also reminds me how Ms. DiGangi has us use our notes if we don’t know the answer to a queztion. She has us use our notes as resources so we learn something new everyday, just like baby learned how to get over the wall.

  5. Yes the baby squirrel did get some addtional by the bookbag and the other to sack bags that helped him get over the wall. The obsticals that people faced in history are the Great Depresion and the civil rights movement.

  6. Hi Brandon,
    Did baby squirrel have additional help? What historical games use literal walls? Now, think of wall as a metaphor for any type of obstacle. Give an example of an obstacle in history that 1 person or people overcame.

  7. This video is a metaphore for a historical place how people helped others in need. For example the baby squirrel needed help and the mother helped the babay who was in need. I think it would good for a historical event by saying historical games called for climbing walls like in the video. I also think it would be a place by saying the Berlin wall.

  8. Hi Brandon,
    Thank you for your question.
    Click on the Page Tab, “How to Leave a Comment & Post Stickies” and watch the short videos. Let me know if you still have questions. Don’t forget to also use the blogging guidelines and check spelling.

  9. Hi MsD, im not understanding what to do on this website and how to put things up to get extra credit. Please help. thnx.

  10. Hi Brennan,

    Good support statements. What habits of mind are demonstrated by mommy squirrel, baby squirrel, and the college students? Thank you for using the blogging guidelines. Your response is considerate and succinct. I look forward to reading your next comment.

  11. That was a very good video. It shows that learning is everywhere. It also shows that sometimes you need a little help to get the answer or as in the video the squirrel needed help to get over the wall. Whether it be a question that you don’t get in a class and a teacher helps you out or if you participate in a sport and can’t score a goal or do something right, you learn, practice, and do your best.

  12. The Squirrels showed the Persistance Habit of Mind. Even when the baby squirrel couldn’t climb the wall, he still didn’t give up. And because of his Persistance, he eventually made it up the wall.

  13. what i think this is is some people need help reaching their goals, but with even a little bit of help, they can get them accomplished.
    anything is possible

  14. Hi Demi,

    I like the WWII alliance connection! Would the metaphor still apply to alliances during the French and Indian War? If so, which country is most like baby squirrel?

  15. In this video a metaphor for historical people. would be joining together to move forward. For example: During WWII when we (USA) formed alliances.

  16. i agree with that tim. i also think the wall would be like the boat the slaves were in because it made them sick and even killed them.

  17. the wall is like the slave owners because its stopping them from moving forward in life. but in the end the slaves got freed, and the baby squirrel got over the wall.

  18. Hi Tim,

    Good comments! How is the wall like the slave owners? You are correct! William Wilburforce used his position as a Member of Parliament (MP) to end the slave trade. The British Parliament is similar to our US Congress.

  19. William wilburforce helped a lot to try and stop slavery, and also he was part of the house of rep which made him stand out more.

  20. Hi Tatiana,

    Wonderful! I was thinking the exact same thing! Btw, I love your avatar!

  21. William Wilburforce is connected to the people that helped by putting backpacks along the wall the help the baby squirrel achieve its goal; getting over the wall.

  22. Hi Danielle,

    I love your connection! Olaudah Equiano did demonstrate the same perseverance despite obstacles. Now, I wonder who would William Wilburforce be in the video?

  23. I can relate this video to what we are learning now about slavery. Clearly, there is no slavery going on here, but in the video, the squirrels, keep going and don’t give up. The big squirrel, doesn’t give up with what the little one believes in: getting over the wall. Olaudah Euqiana never gave up on stopping slavery. He never gave up, and just like the squirrels, eventually succeeded. This is how i connect this video to history.

  24. Hi Matt and Max, That PSA was humorous but I believe that this site has a potato-free policy…:o)

  25. Extra Credit opportunity:
    Make a connection to this video and history…How is this video a metaphor for historical people, places, and/or events?

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