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176 thoughts on “How to Comment

  1. When I was reading the book “Four” by Veronica Roth, I found a sentence using the word tyrant that we just learned about. The sentence was, “Marcus was the tyrant of our house, nothing happened without permission.” This means Marcus was the ruler or king of the household, like how Scar was in the Lion King. This is a connection I made when reading my book.

  2. My favorite lyric is “one ,two, three branches”
    meaning there 3 branches which are, executive, judicial, and legislative. (Teacher note: Don’t forget to check punctuation, spelling and include your class period.)

  3. My Favorite line was “One, Two, Three Branches”. They said how many branches there was in the Government (Teacher note: Don’t forget to check punctuation and capitalization.)

  4. My favorite stanza was when they said ” in the Supreme Court, you serve until you retire or until you die.” This is because it shows that they want you to work until you can’t work anymore.

  5. Hey Mrs . D what we did today in social studies was interesting and I learned some other things in school like how the governor said that dzhkonkuza the Boston unsub is going to the death penalty and did u know he said not guilty for all the 30 charges and the charge about bringing guns and bombs and did u also know That he was rised in a very werid family

  6. Dear Mrs D I understand the homework and what we are doing in class and I am exicted for the party

  7. Mrs D today in class I learned more new stuff and the king Henry was a mean guy that’s what I think

  8. Mrs D I rhink the comics are interesting to me and I thought we were going to do the drawling thing again the baseball cards thing

  9. Today in class I think it was interesting with the comics and the sheet I am getting the hang of it I could not really understand but then I did

  10. Dear mrs D I think what we are doing in social studies this year is interesting to me so far

  11. hi eighth grade graduating class of 2014! history was my favorite subject in middle school and still is today! Jenna from period n sent me and I couldn’t be happier to comment on the blog! have an amazing rest of your year and good luck in high school, it’s an amazing journey and savor every minute of it!

  12. Hi Emily,
    Thank you for your kind words! Your comments will be live as long as the blog is published. It’s great to hear that your experience in MS was wonderful and I am glad that Social Studies class made a positive impression. Keep in touch. 😀

  13. Mrs. D! It’s Emily! I graduated MMS last year and I miss your class so much! I was your favorite in the class haha 🙂 I didnt take any social studies classes this year (I wish I had) and freshman year is going by so slow! I noticed that you left my comments on the conch that I wrote last year! I miss your class so much! I miss every one of my MMS teachers :'( CHS is so much fun but I had an amazing experience at MMS and I wish my years there hadn’t gone so quick! Tell your kids in class to pay attention and take notes!!!! So many topics from your class WILL show up later at CHS!!! Social studies is very important!
    Anyway, thank you!
    I miss everyone very much!

  14. About a month ago in class we learned about the case of Emmet Till. Emmit Till was beaten to death for whistling at a white women. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is accused of a crime that he did not commit. It is his word against a white women’s. Even though Tom was innocent he ended up being killed. There are similarties between Emmet Till’s case and the book.

  15. In class today we talked about the renaissance and famous people from that time frame such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. My three year old cousin loves the show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the four main characters of the cartoon were named after legendary, Italian artists of the renaissance.

  16. Hi Ms. D, I was playing a trivia game with my younger brother Jack. One of the questions read, ” What is the english translation of habeas corpus”. I ammediatly remembered of course and answered ” you have the body”. I was correct!

  17. Hi Ms. d!

    It’s Gabrielle Lewis, I’m now a senior at Bishop Eustace Prep. I was looking for the old horse slaughter PSA i made for your class and I know it was posted on here but i can’t find it. Do you still have it?

  18. Hi Maria,
    It’s great to hear from you! Your paper sounds very interesting! What class is it for? US II?
    The movie is called, Future Fright: Losing the Bill of Rights. I am happy to hear that you are referring back to our lessons! Let me know how you do or if you need help. Say hello to your brother and mom.
    Ms. D

  19. Hey Mrs. D!!,

    It’s been awhile. I’m doing a paper on the changeability of the constitution when I remembered a video we watched in your class it was set in the future and dealt with what would happen if the constitution was taken away (and while we all agreed the acting was horrible) i was wondering if you remembered the name of it because i sure don’t!

    thanks so much,
    a former student,

  20. I will use this website this year if I forget the homework assignment I will look on the website to find it. I will also use this website if i need additional information on a project or other things we are doing in class. If I forget the date of a test or quiz, I could look it up on this website. Lastly, I could watch videos on what we are learning in class to get more information on it. (Teacher note: Use the Quality Comments Guidelines. Check capitalization before you post.)

  21. After school I was watching an episode of family guy. It was an episode when Cleveland brings his cousin to the “drunken clam” to meet Peter, Quagmire, and Joe. She was from the Caribbean islands and she is a fortune teller. Cleveland told everyone that she can tell who/what you were in your past life. When she reaches Peter, he lived in England in the 1600’s. he was in love with a woman who’s name I probably shouldn’t say, but it’s basically Lois’ look-alike. The king (stewie) is also in love with Lois but wants Griffin Peterson (Peter) out of the picture. So, he kidnaps griffin and sends him to the new world on a slave boat. We learned about slave boats in class this week, and over e last few days I’ve learned more ad more about slave boats. How horrible they were, how many died during the long long voyages. I was without a doubt one of the most horrible things in American history. Is quite awful. Slave ships carried African men, woman, little boys, and little girls. About 400 people were stored PER SHIP. It is believed that about 10-20% of those 400 died during the endless voyages. They lasted MONTHS. also, more into the show slave ships were mentioned on another occasion. But quite breifly. Seeing this episode from that time period gives me a better understanding of how slave ships traveled from one “world” to the other and what they were used for.

  22. Dear Mr. D,
    Today in class we discussed the different climate regions in Africa, one being the dessert. In the book I am reading: The Host By Stephanie Meyer, the main character was stuck in the dessert and ran out of food and water. Seconds away from death before she was found. I think it’s interesting how all desserts, hot and cold can have a such a dangerous affect on plants, animals and us humans. And if it weren’t for the fact that Melanie, the main character was found, she would of been dead. I also think it’s interesting how they can be totally different, very hot and very cold. But like Tim and Moby said, it’s not about the tempature but more about the dry air. The dessert Melanie was in was a hot dessert n Arizona, where the weather was scorching hot and the air dry. She knew all of the different types of cacti that lived there which she named. “Creosote, octillo, cholla, prickly pear, mesquite…” it’s also interesting how different animals learn to cope with living in the dessert. Like how some bury themselves underground to keep cool and only come out at night. I can’t wait to learn about the rest of the different climates and more about the different cultures and time periods!

  23. Hi Ms. D,
    I was watching the news with my mom this evening. There was a story on the election of the new pope in Rome, Italy. The Cardinals(high ranked officials in the church) are going to be voting for the new pope. This will take place in the Sistine Chapel. The TV screen showed the ceiling in the chapel. It reminded me of learning about Michelangelo. He painted the ceiling in the chapel and that is where the new pope will be elected.

  24. Dear Ms.D,
    Today I was watching the show Amish Mafia. During an assignment one Amish man mentioned a part in the bible and said “The bible says ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.'” This reminded me of what we started to talk about at the end of class. We discussed how some countries go by an eye for an eye. For example if a boy hurts a person that boy would receive the punishment of whatever he did to a person. This is a text to world connection for the saying an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

  25. I was watching blue bloods tonight and the police commissioner had to deal with a radio host. He was speaking about how blacks and Jews should be in New York and he said they should be lawn Jockies and servants. The man claimed he was excersizing his first amendment rights, but he was butting the public in danger when fights broke out and people protested against blacks and jews when he gave a public speech. The police commisioner said you have the right to speak your mind as long as it doesn’t endanger the public and you should excersize good judgement. When I heard that on TV I looked into my packet to see if the commissioner was right, which he was.

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