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Blogging Guidelines

The Internet has a global audience and online safety is of the utmost importance.  Through blogging and use of web 2.0 tools, you will practice digital citizenship in an authentic and supervised setting.  The blog and linked web 2.0 tools are an extension of the classroom and school rules apply.  Teachers moderate the class blog and embedded web 2.0 tools.  We will not approve comments that are not school appropriate.  Ask yourself, “Would I say this to the principal?” If the answer is, yes, feel free to post.  If the answer is, no, keep in mind, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.


Digital Citizenship 

Cyber ethics:  Use the habit of mind, Managing Impulsivity.  Post comments that are respectful and relevant to the topic.  Strive for Accuracy, use complete sentences, check your spelling, and be succinct and considerate.

Cyber safety:  As Tim and Moby remind us, be safe!  Don’t post personal information like your full name, address, phone #, email, etc.  Do you remember playground rules like “Stranger Danger?”   Think of the Internet as a global playground.  Let’s keep it safe.   Use your FIRST NAME and CLASS Period ONLY. Parents/Guardians, please use first names only to keep your child’s identity safe.

Click on TIM & MOBY to watch the Online Safety Video.

Tim and Moby from BrainPOP

34 thoughts on “Blogging Guidelines

  1. Hi Himani! It’s great to hear from you! Yes, you will have to stop by before you graduate! I would love to see you. What are your plans after graduation? I hope you are well and happy.:)

  2. Hello Mrs. Digangi, do you remember me, how’ve you been; I just wanted to say I miss you and I wanted to visit MMS, but the option was full, but I’ll see you soon, perhaps when I graduate!!!!!!!!

  3. Q: Why were the early days of history called the dark ages?
    A: Because there were so many knights!

  4. My favorite stanza was about about the supreme court when he said that “you serve the country until you either die or retire.” That shows that the supreme court is so important because the members of the supreme court serve the longest out of all the three branches, which shows that they are so important because they don’t add a new member onto the court unless someone dies or retires, other wise they keep the same people.

  5. I really like this website. Its really helpful and i can get good information for what i really need.

  6. Hi Brooke,
    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! 🙂 What do you like about the website? What would you recommend other teachers include in their websites?

  7. Dear Mrs D,

    I will use the class website to check for homework this year. If I am absent or forgot my notes I know to check the livebinder to check work or notes that were done in class. I will keep up to date in the website so I can succeed in this class.

  8. Hey Mrs.D social studies looks really interesting this year. I cant wait until we some projects 🙂 (Teacher note: Read posts and directions carefully. This wasn’t the homework.)

  9. I love Social Studie. I think Social Studies is one of my favorite subjects. The only thing that stincks is that time goes by so quickly. What can i say time flys by when your having fun.

  10. Hi Mrs.D. social studies is really fun and this blog is really cool. I never had a class were we get to use ipads or ipods but last year my writng class fow mrs sincavage actually was part of an experment for them. they gave us all kinds of stuff and than asked us if we would use them in our classroom

  11. I love Social Studies! I think Social Studies is becoming one of my favorite subjects. I also really enjoy working on the ipads. And I am loving our lessons on “History Matters”.

  12. Hello I was looking at the news on 9/11 and I saw the real effect on us to what happened on that tragic day. I saw that there was tons of people who died on that day and they were complete innocent people, they didn’t deserve that. It was all out of shock and no one knew what was going on but thankfully the passengers of the 4th plane took over so the terrorist didn’t crash into anymore buildings. This will be a day that everyone will remember and now knowing that it has been 10 years. This event put the us in an effect that effected everyone. they put more safety on the planes and security in the airports. Also everyone that witnessed it is scared I’m sure and they are just in so much shock. I feel terrible for all the innocent people who died on 9/11… they will never be forgotten.
    I really enjoyed the lesson on 9/11 that we did in class. It taught me a lot more information than I knew and some of the real footage was amazing to see.

  13. I liked the lesson today about “history matters” because everything in our past made an impact to our world today. For example, if Albert Einstein hadn’t imagrated from where he was at first, he would have been killed bacause of the holocaust. Another thing about why history is so important is because it tells us everything we know today. Like we wouldn’t have the calender or clocks/time if it were’nt for the people in our past thata came up with that stuff. One action can change the world. For example, global warming is melting the ice where the polar bears live and they may become extint. Another example would be the Holocaust. If Hitler hadn’t had such a hate for Jewish people, alot of people wouldn’t have died.

  14. Hi Mrs. D. To post a blog is really easy. But other than the videos is there anything else that will help us. And does in it also do all other subjects. The blog will help me in the future.

  15. I tried to use the username and password on the site that you gave me, but it keep saying that the username was wrong. Anyway I went on Youtube and looked up the entire episode of Dave Chappelle with “I plead the FiF.” It was hilarious!

  16. Hi Ms D! Today when I got home my dad was cleaning all of his guns. I looked inside his guncase just to see what he had in there and I noticed that there was another weapon in the case. I asked him to pull it out and show me and it was an old Springfeild Trapdoor! I held the gun looking for any information and it said,
    U. S Springfeild.

    On the side it had the date 1884! It has the rod that you can unjam the barrel or you can use it as a bayonet. He said he got the gun from an old friend so we don’t know for sure if its real, but it looks really old.

  17. The Phineas and ferb video helped me to understand more about what i post on the internet and on text. i have to watch what i say, and if it will hurt me or even others. if i post something mean or hurtful to someone it could really hurt their feelings. so whenever i go online or text someone i think what i say before its showed to others. For Example: My mom’s best friend’s daughter’s cousin, Mariah, was with a couple of her friends in philly 2 blocks from her house. she and her friends were all together on the sidewalk texting. There was a rumor going around about these 2 boys that someone had spread by text. the 2 boys then appeared where mariah and her friends were, and one of the boys pulled out a gun and held then up for their money and their cell phones. this is what happens when someone decides to post soemthing about someone else to hurt their feelings. thats just wrong!

  18. Hi Jake, I can’t provide the password online. We distributed passwords in class last Wed, Thurs, & Fri. Did you change your mind regarding which CYOA you wanted to choose? What was your 1st choice? Next time be sure to plan and work on the study tool in advance and we will be able to help.

  19. Hi Roxie,
    Thank you for watching the Phineas and Fern PSA and sharing your thoughts. You are right! All students need to take precautions when online and use our cyber safety rules. Were you surprised when you discovered the Terms and Policies of some websites? I also like your idea about shutting off electronic devices and exercising. 🙂 How often are you on the computer? Will you start to spend less time and more time exercising?

  20. The Video of Phineas and Ferb was very helpful and made me think that internet safety is something you need to watch out for. You never know whos behind the computer and telling you there somone else when they really arnt. Also even if you try to erase anything from a website like for example Facebook or Myspace it always going to be there even if its “erased”.Also if you read the Terms and Policies on teen websites it says that things will never be erased.Kids just need to be safe,and not trust eveything you hear or see on the web. Teens these days spend alot of time on ther phones and computers they could be out excersing and doing somthing else then staying on there electic devices.

  21. Hi Grant,
    This is a great pop culture connection to WWII and demonstrates why history matters. How did your study of WWII last year help you to understand this part of the game?

  22. In the new video game I got yesterday called Mafia 2, it starts off with an Italian family coming to the United States from Ellis Island. The character you play as trys to rob a jewelry store, but gets caught. He is sent to jail, but instead of staying there he gets sent to Italy to fight in WW2 because he can speak Italian extremely well. I didn’t know that if some prisoners could speak a certain language that they could go to war. I thought this was a cool fact to learn.

  23. Hi Rachel,

    How will you use the blog? I look forward to reading your response. Don’t forget to use the blogging guidelines:)

  24. this site is very useful and helpful and has very good information on it I will use it everyday

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