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176 thoughts on “How to Comment

  1. Hi Emily,

    Thank you for posting your comments and sharing your thoughts on what we are learning. You are always engaged and enthusiastic! Huzzah!

  2. Today was a very interesting class period for me. I learned a lot of new things in class and many topics that we discussed really grabbed my attention. One thing that got me thinking about society today was when mrs.d talked about the test that the tv show took to see if people know a lot about our government. It was very interesting to learn that most American citizens don’t know that much about our government and then foreign immigrants and other countries know more about our government than the citizens that call America their home. Honestly, I believe that if birth citizens aren’t required to take the test, then why should immigrants? Not that I’m saying that we should let in any old person but think about this….when immigrants come into the country, they have to tell weither or not they have a criminal record. I can tell you right now that about 1/2 of the American population, maybe even more has a criminal record…even some KIDS I know have one. I was very shocked by this information but come to think of it, it’s not very surprising, based on the sort of society kids like me are living in these days…
    Another interesting thing i learned in class today was about the terms of office. The president is in office for 4 years unless re-elected, then he’s in office for 8 years and cannot be re-elected again. In the judicial branch, the judges serve for life unless they pass away, do something unlawful or perform an act of treason. We also talked about 2 other houses, one of them serves a 2 year term and the other one serves a 6 year term. It is unknown to me weather or not they can be re-elected but my question is, why do different positions in government have different terms of office?

  3. When reviewing my notes for homework I watched out for new facts that I didn’t know yet. One fact that really caught my attention was in article III, the judicial branch. I didn’t know that the term of office was for life!! That is of course unless they die, recline, or are kicked out for doing something bad. This was a very interesting fact to me because I didn’t know that when you get a job, you can serve for life. But, when its the government you can’t keep adding people to the branch that you can’t trust. So, I think it’s a good idea but its a fact that I didn’t know at all and it’s very interesting

  4. During my winter break I went to the titanic museum, the tour man John was telling us about how the main head men on the titanic were one of the main reasons that the legislative government became part of the government. During the times of titanic they were unsure if they should have a government on the ship. because of the ships grand size they needed someone who could run the ship and make descisons. although the captain was the leader of the ship he directed the ship and they needed someone who could run as government. So it was very cool to learn that the titanic was part of the reason there was a legislative branch!!

  5. I am watching a show called “banned from the bible II” and it showed a woman being burned at the stake. We learned about that in social studies and it gave me a better understanding of how ancient people behaved and what they believed in. The woman was being burned because she was going against the Catholic church and she refused to go with the church’s rules. Woman were not allowed to preech and secretly preached about the jewish word behind the back of the church, this is why she was burned.

  6. In my book Bystander, it said “it’s the law of the jungle, only the strong survive.” and “no you’re wrong, it’s still a jungle. survival of the fittest.” This reminders me of our current unit because of state of nature. in a state of nature there would be no laws, no rules, you could do whatever you want. So, like mrs. D said, it would be survival of the fittest. My book also added, “like a sick gazell in a herd, limping along. The one that gets eaten. It’s not fair, but that’s life.” That would be an example of what survival of the fittest.

  7. I was watching the simpsons tonight and I saw an episode about the Myans and the myan callender. It made me think of our how history matters unit and I actually learned a lot about the Myans and their lifestyle. It was a treehouse of horror episode but it was really interesting. I never even knew what the myan callender was or how it was used. I just thought I’d share that 😀

  8. The virtual pet I would want for our class is the koala bear because they are very cute and fluffy and they have a good impression. Im going to use the counch very often if I need to get some extra credit or find out the homework I didn’t write down. I will all so use the counch if I was sick or skipped social studies to go to an apointment. I will use it when I need to study for and upcoming quiz or test. I will use it if I’m stuck on my homework and I need help on it because it will imeanse my grades.

  9. Hi Mrs. DiGangi,
    I really enjoy the movie “Glory”. It helps me understand the war tactics like Rank and File. Also, I realize how bloody the battle was and how dangerous it was to fight. It surprised me how many starved and died of disease. Watching the movie helps me better understand the war during that time.

  10. Hey Ms. D! I just found the best video ever on Youtube about Paul Revere. It basically reenacts what happened that night of when he started screaming “The Redcoats are coming!” This video totally relates to what we are learning about in class. I hope this video can help other students on what we are learning about right now in class! WARNING THEY CURSE 3 TIMES IN THIS FILM.

  11. Hi Emma,
    Check your locker tomorrow and make sure you keep everything for our class in your Social Studies folder to prevent losing packets in the future. All of the info you need to complete the handouts (i.e., Chester Comix) are in the Post, “Lucky 13” and “8 Girls Lied, People Died.” The answer keys are unnecessary since you know how to complete the Crab Walks and Close the Gaps. Let me know tomorrow if you found your packet. If not, complete the packet by Friday in order to earn credit. See you tomorrow. 🙂

  12. Hi Mrs. DiGangi,
    I was trying to complete my Lucky 13 packet to get credit but I don’t know how to find the answers to some of the sheets because we did them in class, i can’t get on Brain Pop and also there is not answer keys to every page. What should I do? I think I may have my packet at the bottom of my locker which I almost completed though. I need to look tomorrow.

  13. Hi Seve,
    Of course. In order to avoid unnecessary spam please post another comment and use your school email address so that I may contact you directly. Thank you for visiting our blog!

  14. Hi, I am interested in asking you questions about how you set up your site. I teach 8th grade history in Savannah GA. Is there a way to contact you?

  15. Hey Ms. D. Guess what?! my grandmother has been telling me to watch the movie the Help because of how good it was. So Sunday night I did and I loved it! I have so many connections to share that realated to this years social studies class of what we have learned about this year. 1st of all the whole movie takes place in Mississippi and is all about slavory and racisum. which we have been learning about the past months and it totally helped me understand more what was happening in the movie and why it was happening. 2nd one day after work all the black women maids run home because they were all just informed that a black man had just bee found killed. Guess who that man was? EMIT TILL!!!!! It was so cool hearing all the women talking about him and how this happened and such while i’m sitting there going Oh my gosh I totally know what there talking about! It was a awesome connection and a awesome time to show my mom how much i’ve learned this year! The Help was a amazing movie and relates so much to what we have learned about. I recamend this movie greatly.

  16. Hi Emma, Comments are sent to the teachers for moderation before they are posted. I just approved all 3. Have a good evening. 🙂

  17. Hi Emma,
    Yes. You may still earn extra credit. It’s great that you are excited! I will pass back the “Terrible Transformations” packets tomorrow and you can submit it on Tuesday. 🙂

  18. Hi Mrs. DiGangi,
    I seemed to have post two comments and they disappeared! i don’t know if you have responded yet!
    Thanks, Emma

  19. Hi mrs. Digangi, I was attempting to get half credit on my slavery fact find foldable for the quiz when I realized we handed in the packets with all the information! I was wondering what I should do since half credit is better than no credit! 🙂 and also I’m confused about the extra credit opportunity! Is it still available to students? Thanks, Emma

  20. The other day I saw the 1990 version of “lord of the flies”. It had the same story line as the one we saw in school. It is rated R and I see why we could not see it. But I did like it, and the movie reminded me of all the things we learned in school,and how we paused and thought over what we saw.

  21. Hi, there is a enormous house in the woods behind my house from the 18th or 19th century but it is abandoned and there is never any activity there. so my question is, is this house owned by the township or the state. Also there are police line do not cross tape on the trees.

  22. Hi mrs.digangi! I’m not sure if this is where i post so i apologize if i am in the wrong spot. But i was whatching a television show called ‘zoey 101’.the episode two of the main characters had a webshow that included a segment of two other characters arguing they’re opinions. Because of this the children in class durring the day would break out in fights. The headmaster of they’re school got angry and demanded the webcast we shut down. This reminded me of bens case. where, the kids wuould fight over there band- tshirts until they were banned.
    *In the video fast forward to 10:38 .

  23. Hi Emma, In observance of Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service we will make little candy treat bags for the Wiley home here and if you and your uncle want to bring some to the Wiley Adult center we would be happy to donate the candy bags as treats for the clients you worked with in December. It is a small act of kindness. Let me know what you and uncle decide. Thanks for checking in with him. 🙂

  24. Hi Mrs.DiGangi,
    I was going to call my uncle but i wanted to know what exactly we were doing with the candy bags! If you could give me details to share with him that would be great

  25. Hi Mrs. DiGangi,
    Last night I completed my community service of helping the less fortunate. We were able to supply the clients at Wiley Mission Adult Daycare Services with a hat and a pair of gloves for the upcoming winter. Today I was absent because I participated in their Christmas party and gave them their gifts. It was amazing to see what joy they got from the smallest gifts we take for granted. Each year the clients inspire me to continue to care about them and help provide for their needs!

  26. Hi Haley, Thanks for posting your CYOA. There are several errors. Strive for Accuracy and check that your answers match the handouts. I also have answer keys on the blog within the posts. For example, you need to know the definitions for the Congressional officers not their names. The review quiz should help you as well. I hope this helps.

  27. CYOA Dragon Dictation By Hayley C period
    1. why are the articles of Confederation ineffective ?
    • Because the articles of Confederation government has one branch which is legislative that makes laws
    2. Definition of bicameral
    • two-chamber
    3.who represent you and Congress
    • representative from the district , and the two senators from your state
    4. What is the purpose of the two term limit for presidency?
    • A check on the president’s power
    5. How does the supreme court balance and check Congress’law-making power?
    • Congress does not have a final word on passing laws
    6. Definition of Census
    • population taken every 10 years since 1790
    7. Definition of quorum
    •minimum amount of members needed to to be present in order to conduct business
    8. Definition of writ of habeas corpus
    • protect against unfair detainment
    9. Definition of ex post facto law
    • change the legal consequences of actions committed before enactment of the law
    10. Definition of extradition
    • cannot escape punishment by fleeing to another state; must be returned to the first state to stand trial
    11. Definition of treason
    •levying war, or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort
    12.who is the speaker of the house?
    • John Boehner
    13. Who is the president of the Senate ?
    • Joe Biden
    14.who is president pro tempore?
    • Daniel K. Inouye
    15. What are the qualifications and terms of office for the presidency ?
    • Must be born USA, one or both parents must be USA Citizens ,two four year term limits
    16. What are the qualifications and term of office for the Senate and house representatives?
    • Senate: can live anywhere in state and six-year term
    House of Representatives: must live in district and have a two years term
    17. What are the qualifications for Supreme Court Justice?
    • None but Senate must confirm the presidential nomination . The term of office is for life but can be impeached
    18. What it is the supreme law of the land and what does it mean?
    •supremacy clause ,the constitution is the supreme law
    19. What is the order of presidential succession?
    • Get a huge white house, a salary of $400,000 per year taxable , a personal airplane Air Force One, a place in the country :camp David, A fine chef, and succession ( 25th amendment): VP> speaker of the house> pro tempore> cabinet
    20.Montesquieu’s 3 recommendations to limit the powers of government
    •separate power, balance the different branches of the government, and checks on power = limit on power is the constitution flexible in meeting the needs of society?
    •making changes since 1787
    22.definition of electoral college
    •a group of people who act as a unit to elect the POYUS and VPOYUS
    23.what does “winner takes all” mean
    •majority wins
    24. How many electoral votes does each state get?
    25. Define foreign
    •refers to things happening outside the USA
    26. Define domestic
    •refers to things that happen at home or inside the USA
    27. What are presidential powers?
    •making bills laws
    28. What are congressional powers?
    •approving laws

  28. Hi Emma, What an admirable act of service! Thank you for sharing your experience helping others. Would you like to publicize this in Social Studies? Do you take gently used items?

  29. Hi Mrs. DiGangi,
    I’ve recently been working on a community service project for the holiday season. Each year I collect hats and gloves for the Mentally challenged at my uncle’s work. He works at Wiley Adult Mission Center in Camden,NJ. The people can not supply what they need for themselves so they come here for breakfast, and lunch. The Clients also become involved in educational activities and get the healthcare they need to live a healthy life. In the past years we’ve been able to supply a pair of gloves and one hat for each person. I hope to continue to keep them warm for a cold winter ahead!

  30. HI Emma, You can use the “News Sources” links on the right side bar as well. If you use google check that it is a news source.

  31. Hi Ms.D,
    I’m having trouble finding an article about causes, effects and solutions for drunk driving. I printed out the New Jersey drunk driving statistics from “MADD” and ways to help but it is not exactly in an article form. Is that okay or should i find another one? if so, can i search on google?

  32. Hi Timmy, That is a wonderful way to keep in touch with your brother while recognizing our brave men and women in military service! 🙂 Will you also include letters with the packages? Happy Birthday to your brother!

  33. Hi Mrs.D I am helping the yellow ribbon club on December 3rd. I am going to help them packing the packages to send over to the soliders in Iraq. We are doing this for my brothers birthday because he is in Iraq for his birthday.

  34. Hi Haley, I think your avatar is linked to your email address if you don’t sign up for a free edublog. You used a different email address with the kitten avatar. If you want a free student edublog let me know and I can upgrade it for you. 🙂

  35. Hi Ms. D! I created an avatar, but I posted again, and it didn’t show up. Why? Do I have to create the avatar every time I post?

  36. Thank you Ms. D! I love my new ‘avatar’! It’s soo cute, but the process was a little long.

  37. Hi Haley,
    The little alien is called an “avatar.” Check out this link to the Edublogs blogging challenge that explains how to create an avatar. CLICK HERE.

  38. How do we switch the little picture that pops up next to the comments? Right now I have a wierd alien creature.

  39. Hi Eric, Summarize the lesson that started with the text messaging PSA and how it relates to Republican Government. Rights come with responsibilities.

  40. Hi Mrs. D im doing the quiz revolution for my CYOA and i can’t find #10 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in any of the packets. Can you help?

  41. Hi Tom,

    Good morning, Mr. Hoffman, Mrs. Williams, faculty and students. My name is _______________ and I want to be the next Yellow House President.
    Feel free to paraphrase this according to your writing style. 😀

  42. Hi Tom, Yes. Complete all 4 pages. It took most of the period. I hope you enjoyed your music lesson.:)

  43. No wakes up and says “im gonna die today” as each day goes on there is a higher risk of teen drivers crashing from either not paying attention or drinking and driving.People need to pay attentoin and only pay attention to the road when driving.In the film today the girl wasnt paying attention and texting and swirved off the road and put her and her friends on the high risk of death.People just need to think before doing it lke what will happen if I go on my phone and drive. Nobody thinks until a horriable accident happens by saying “what have i done,my frinds/family is dead because of me”. All i am trying to say is start paying attention please everyday more and more people die because of young teens driving and not paying attention.

  44. Hi Michelle, I am wondering why you think a state of nature has not happened yet? Didn’t your class watch and discuss examples in class? Did you draw an analogy? If yes, then use that time frame. Please don’t forget digital etiquette and strive for accuracy in comments by using capitals, apostrophes, and punctuation.

  45. For the project I did a divinci drawing. I drew a state of nature., but a state of nature hasnt really happened yet. So what should I put for like the date and time?

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