Preserve the Black Run Preserve

Our 8th grade field trip included a hike to the uplands, water quality testing, identification of flora and fauna, and a tour of detention ponds by the staff of the municipal utilities authority. All of this took place right in our backyard. The United Nations designated the Pinelands an internationally recognized biosphere and we are fortunate to partake in outreach efforts to educate our community, promote awareness and stewardship, and utilize this pristine resource.

We had the pleasure of being guided by the staff of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and the MUA throughout our trip. A special thank you to Rob and Devon for their paparazzi talents and to Mr. H, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Russell, and the staff of the MUA for providing hands on activities. “Huzzah” goes to the students who took full advantage of these activities! We loved seeing students get their hands and feet dirty. Good job to Jesse, Jen, & Matt for getting in the water and using dip nets!

Stay tuned for our online interactive posters, “glogs,” that will showcase student learning and detail ways to protect the pinelands.

3 thoughts on “Preserve the Black Run Preserve

  1. Hi 8th Grade classes and teachers,

    We had a great time with you all at the Black Run Preserve. This blog is excellent, and we are looking forward to seeing your “glogs” also! These sorts of projects will really help inform people in the area about the existence of the Preserve and its importance to the plants, animals and people who call this area “home”.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mr. H
    Pinelands Preservation Alliance

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